Father Christmas Comes Up Trumps! – 12 Days of Christmas books – Day 4

We’re on to day 4 of my 12 Days of Christmas books post, and we’re back to a children’s book which Monkey thinks is very amusing. Father Christmas Comes Up Trumps! is written by Nicholas Allan and was published last month through Red Fox, a division of Random House.

Father Christmas Comes Up Trumps!Now I’ve already mentioned in a previous post, Monkey’s liking for ‘bodily functions’ haven’t I?  So you can guess how well Father Christmas Comes Up Trumps! was received.  With lots of giggles and laughter from my nearly 4 year old Monkey.  Mummy – does Santa fart then???  Oh dear, what have I done now?

This 30 page picture paperback book tells the story of Father Christmas, his love of Brussel sprouts and the resulting chaos they cause with his tummy.  Again, I’m not sure this would be my preferred reading topic, but again, Monkey loved it.  All part of the current obsession with this kind of thing.  You may recall that Nicholas Allan wrote The Royal Nappy which became a big hit earlier this year.

Now I love Brussel sprouts, but Father Christmas takes it to another level!

Father Christmas Comes Up Trumps!We followed our rather ‘stuffed’ Father Christmas on his journey through the skies delivering presents to one and all. His trip is an assault course of squeezing in and out of chimneys, up and down ladders and over walls.

Father Christmas Comes Up Trumps!All the while Father Christmas is having a battle with his rather unsettled tummy!  Father Christmas Comes Up Trumps! is written with great descriptive text, with lots of font changes to add emphasis to poor old Father Christmas’s plight.  The illustrations show Father Christmas trying to deal with his tummy, and complete his task – all rather funny.  I won’t ruin the ending of this story for you, let’s just say that Father Christmas Comes Up Trumps! which helps him and his team get back to the North Pole!

Any young child is going to find this book thoroughly entertaining and Monkey gives it a big thumbs up.

disclaimer:  we were sent this book for the purpose of review, our thoughts however, remain our own honest opinions.

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