Special Delivery from Postman Pat

Selivery delivery from Postman PatYou all know that my son is obsessed with pretty much anything with wheels don’t you.  Well he’s been a big Postman Pat fan for some time, helped by the fact we have our own Jess the Cat in the form of Brewster.  I’d also like to think that there is a genetic attachment to Pat being a Postman, as my Granddad was a Postman before and after the First World War.  But, anyway, Monkey’s interest in Postman Pat rose to a new level with the advent of Special Delivery Service. So imagine his delight when we had a special delivery from Postman Pat the day after Monkey’s birthday last week!

Special Delivery from Postman PatIn our special delivery from Postman Pat, he got a card, a stocking, some yummy mince pies, a Christmas cracker and bauble (now has pride of place on our tree), the Postman Pat Magic Christmas DVD and Postman Pat Drive and Steer Pats Van.  As soon as I opened the lid to our delivery, I just knew Monkey was going to be overjoyed.

Special Delivery from Postman Pat  Special Delivery from Postman Pat Special Delivery from Postman Pat

He didn’t know what to look at first, but I had a feeling that a new set of wheels would probably be the priority for this birthday boy.

Special Delivery from Postman Pat Special Delivery from Postman Pat

The Postman Pat Drive and Steer Pats Van needs 4xAA batteries in both the van and steering wheel, so 8 in total.  Luckily I had bought a load of batteries in anticipation of Monkey’s birthday, otherwise I’d have been heading to the shops pronto.  The batteries are easy to install and then it’s a case of turn both units on and GO!

You can move the van forward and backwards with the arrows on the steering wheel, there’s even a turbo boost button!   You can steer Postman Pat and his van around corners by turning the steering wheel as you would in a car – that feature was a big hit.  There’s also a button to hear Pat talking.  This toy has been played with none stop since it arrived, the batteries haven’t given out yet.

The Postman Pat Magic Christmas DVD is released through Universal Pictures.The DVD runs for 55 minutes and features 2 classic Christmas episodes:

Postman Pat and the Greendale Rocket
Postman Pat’s Magic Christmas

Any Postman Pat fan will love this DVD.

Monkey’s special delivery from Postman Pat made his day last week, an extra treat for his birthday.  Thank you Pat 🙂


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14 thoughts on “Special Delivery from Postman Pat

  1. Oh, wow – lucky Monkey! My kids would enjoy that special delivery, too. I love the fact that Postman Pat has been around since I was little, and he’s still going strong now, and so very popular. That van looks lots of fun, long may Monkey enjoy it 🙂

  2. I think monkey and my littlest would get on fabulously-he loves Postman Pat and anything transport related! This looks great. I think it may be a 4th birthday present for my son next year 🙂 What a lovely delivery.

  3. We loved our delivery so so much – he’s played with the van a lot and even more so now he’s got good at the steering after watching his cousins play with it. He loves the DVD too. Was a welcome delivery in our house. Love your post.
    Liska xx

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