Brewster is the heart of our home

IHMP_LogoAs regular readers will know, I’m a huge cat fan and I was distraught when I had to say goodbye to my saggy 19-year-old cat Monty in June 2012. It wasn’t long before Brewster arrived with us.  Brewster is the heart of our home and has been since August 2012.

Brewster is the heart of our homeHe had such big paws to fill, I wondered if I could ever love him as much as Monty and his brother Roxy, who we’d lost a couple of years earlier.  But Brewster has made his own paw print in our home.  He is a very different character, I’d forgotten how feisty kittens could be!  He has this habit of sitting on your lap, purring his head off and just when you’re all comfy, he’ll turn around, pounce on you and bite!  He especially likes chewing my feet – I don’t!  But we love him, Brewster is the heart of our home.

I have so many photo’s of Brewster, some of these you may have seen before – but he such a poser!

He’s so funny, as you can see in the photographs above.  He loves water, would sit in the washing up bowl with the dirty dishes if I let him.  I’m surprised he hasn’t dive bombed someone in the bath yet!  He is fascinated by Monkey’s train set and loves to curl around the laptop as I type a blog post up.  He knows that he has a night-time curfew and is normally quite good at being home, in the warm on time.  He curls up at the top of the stairs every night and pounces on me as soon as he hears my alarm go off in the morning.

Last Christmas, he actually didn’t destroy the Christmas Tree!  Always a bonus.  We wouldn’t be without him.  He’s Monkey’s best friend.

Having spent 18 months giving Monty two lots of intravenous drips daily I can well believe the National Office for Animal Health (NOAH) who have discovered …

that 77% of people believe their pet’s health is as important as or more important than their own.

I wouldn’t hesitate to give Brewster the same care as I did with Monty, should he become ill.  Brewster is the heart of our home, and deserves to be cared for as such.


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9 thoughts on “Brewster is the heart of our home

  1. He’s a lovely looking cat. I love my cats too and it was so hard saying goodbye to 2 of ours last year. We got Felix, who is just like Brewster, in July and he is such a cheeky little kitten. He would sleep in the sink just like Brewster LOL.

    1. I honestly think Felix and Brewster are related!! I will have to get a photo of the mini Brewster who comes calling for him – they look spookily alike. I felt so bad for you last year, so awful what you had to go through. We’re only having a happy cat year this year

  2. It’s always a difficult decision to replace a beloved pet but my experience has always been that the replacement always ends up with their own quirky personality and quickly sets up home in a new part of your heart. Brewster is gorgeous! x

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