Project 365 Week 32-33

Joining in with TheBoyAndMe and her linky 365 Project  A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year!  Project 365 – Week 32-33 Days 215-228.

Sunday 3rd August – Day 215

Project 365 Week 32-33

This photo of Brewster sums up how we were all feeling today – rather tired.  We spent a few hours at The Pet Show at Stoneleigh in the afternoon, which Monkey loved.

Monday 4th August – Day 216

Project 365 Week 32-33

The start of our week off with Daddy P.  We used some Tesco vouchers and went to Bekonscot Model Railway.  We’d been a couple of years ago and Monkey loved the trains – no change 2 years on!  We stopped off at Hughenden Manor on the way home –  really interesting WW2 exhibition.

Tuesday 5th August – Day 217

Project 365 Week 32-33

We had a quiet day catching up with some jobs at home, visited family and then Monkey had his swimming lesson.  Then a bit of Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures before bedtime.

Wednesday 6th August – Day 218

Project 365 Week 32-33

On a trip down memory lane we visited Frensham Great and Little Pond’s in Surrey, not far from where I spent most of my childhood.  It was lovely to revisit somewhere I haven’t seen for so many years.  Monkey loved it, we will return.

Thursday 7th August – Day 219

Project 365 Week 32-33

It’s fair to say that Monkey was won the sunflower growing competition again this year! This one is well over 7 foot tall.

Friday 8th August – Day 220

Project 365 Week 32-33

We are slightly mad, and went on a day trip to Charmouth in Devon.  We’d planned on an overnight stay until my car broke down and stole the funds I’d put aside!  I’d promised monkey some rock pooling so a day trip it was.  He had a wonderful day.  We stopped in Weymouth for dinner and then the heavens opened.  Torrential rain, road closures and diversions = not getting home for hours.  Luckily Monkey slept all the way and barely stirred as I put him to bed at gone 11pm.

Saturday 9th August – Day 221

Project 365 Week 32-33

We all had a bit of a lie in after our busy day at the beach.  After lunch we decided a walk was just what we needed.  We headed off to Stowe Gardens and took a different route around the grounds.  It was the first time Monkey had seen the Lions, since our first visit with him on Boxing Day 2009.

Sunday 10th August – Day 222

Project 365 Week 32-33

Monkey was invited to the premiere of the new Thomas & Friends film – Tale of the Brave.  He absolutely loved it.  After we had lunch at the event, I wanted to see the Tower Poppies at the Tower of London.  We decided to walk along the embankment in the sunshine.  I pointed out the Camels on the benches and he was off – Mummy, look, I’m riding a camel!  Love that boy.

Monday 11th August – Day 223

Project 365 Week 32-33

Daddy P was back at work and Monkey and I went off to Cutteslowe Park near Oxford to meet up with our NCT friends for a picnic.  The weather behaved and we had a great catch up.  When we got home it was time for some serious play time.

Tuesday 12th August – Day 224

Project 365 Week 32-33

We had a quiet morning at home reading and playing with stickle bricks.  Then it was off down the M40 to visit one of my Dad’s cousins.  We had a lovely time and Monkey was thrilled to get ice cream for pudding – an addict in the making after last week.  We missed his swimming lesson, but will try to go by ourselves to make up for it.

Wednesday 13th August – Day 225

Project 365 Week 32-33

A quiet day at home.  Daddy P was working from home and Monkey managed to ‘persuade’ him to look at Tractors and Diggers on Youtube.  Let’s just say it wasn’t quite so easy to ‘persuade’ Monkey to let Daddy get back on with his work.

Thursday 14th August – Day 226

Project 365 Week 32-33

We spent a lovely day at Blenheim Palace with one of our NCT families.  The boys had great fun running around, pretending to be dinosaurs, chasing me and playing pirates in the sand pit.  After a picnic lunch we paid a visit to the Butterfly House and found a new arrival.  I haven’t noticed this species there before.  The boys were spellbound – a leaf that is a butterfly!  Nature at it’s best.

Friday 15th August – Day 227

Project 365 Week 32-33

I had an opticians appointment to try to sort out the correct multi focal contact lenses I need as I’ve been having issues reading books and labels etc with my current prescription.  The news ones still aren’t quite right so still work in progress.  I have a really sore eye so have missed swimming.  We’ve been reading all about the Battle of Trafalgar recently and Monkey has been enthralled.

Saturday 16th August – Day 228

Project 365 Week 32-33

It’s National Honey Bee Day today so we’ve been buzzing around the house pretending to be mini-beasts.  Monkey is off to a birthday party this afternoon.

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8 thoughts on “Project 365 Week 32-33

  1. love your honey bee, he is very handsome, laughed at him riding the camel. Oh dear about the car and then all the hassle on the way home, its annoying when you have something planned and it doesnt happen because of something like that.
    Sounds like a great week off with daddy.
    what an amazing butterfly that is.

  2. Love the sound of a day trip to Devon – we’re very inland where we live and getting to any decent coast is a chore and I think this might be the first summer in years we haven’t to be the proper beach! I have to remedy that somehow! Love your pics and write up 🙂

  3. Gosh you really have been busy little bees this week! I grew up near to Frensham Ponds too. Somewhere I wanted to take my kids this summer but we’re fast running out of time 🙁 Love the pic of your cat just lounging in amongst the brio!

  4. Oh my word, that butterfly would have me screaming and running from the butterfly house (that I wouldn’t be in in the first place). I hope the day trip was great fun and worth the trip.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

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