Match and Spell – a review for Orchard Toys

We’re big fans of Orchard Toys – it’s no secret.  Great games and puzzles, well made, lovely graphics and a good price.  Those are the basic facts.  I met up with Orchard Toys at The Toy Fair in January and got a sneaky peek at a few new games being launched in March.  I knew Match and Spell would work really well for us as Monkey is now in Reception.  But even I hadn’t seen what would happen when he opened the box.

Match and Spell

Match and Spell will be available from stockists now and to buy direct from Orchard Toys from 3rd March and is a great game aimed at children aged 4+ which aids spelling, reading and in our case writing too!  It can be played solo or with up to 4 players.

As soon as Monkey opened the box for Match and Spell he was off.  He loves phonics at school and started sounding out all the letters.

Match and Spell

I knew we were on to a winner.  The game comes with 12 double-sided 3 letter word cards, 8 double-sided 4 letter word cards and 68 letter tiles.  All are made of good quality card with the normal lovely, vibrant graphics we take for granted from Orchard Toys.

Match and Spell

There are two ways to play this game.

Match and Spell

Firstly pick a word card with the letters facing upwards and then find the relevant letter tiles to match to make your word.

Match and Spell

When you have a more confident reader you can flip the cards over, the child just has the graphic to work from to try to spell out the word.  It makes the game something that grows with the child as they develop their reading and spelling skills.

Match and Spell

To say that Monkey loves this game would be an understatement.  Not only does he play to the ‘rules’ of the game, but he also makes up his own play scenarios.

Match and Spell

In fact, if you follow me on Instagram, then you will have regularly seen Match and Spell feature at the breakfast table.  Monkey has used words from the box to copy and practice his writing, he’s also used the cards to do this too, he’s happily used the letter tiles to make his own words and practices his phonics.

We’ve played the game, collected the relevant letter tiles for our game boards and then created stories about the animals and objects.  He’s used the letters to make short sentences.  He’s taken to this game brilliantly and it’s really helped to focus him on his reading, and anything the helps to encourage him to write is a winner for me!

Match and Spell will retail for £7.50 and I think there’s a lot of versatility to this reading and spelling game.  Monkey certainly gives it a big thumbs up.

Match and Spell

disclaimer: we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review



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