Chuggington We are the Chuggineers – app review

Having recently bought an iPad mini for Monkey and I to SHARE (go me, getting all up to date with technology!) I knew he’d love to try out the new Chuggington – We are the Chuggineers app.  No more playing games on my phone, now he can have a bigger screen for bigger action!

Chuggington – We are the Chuggineers

Chuggington We are the Chuggineers is a new app released last month, aimed at children aged 5 years and under.  Monkey is a Chuggington addict so he wanted to put the app to the test as soon as I downloaded it.

Chuggington – We are the Chuggineers

The Chuggington We are the Chuggineers app is an interactive story with multi-level games to play as the action unfolds.  Monkey was hooked from the start.

Chuggington – We are the Chuggineers

He loved helping Brewster put the new bridge in place to complete the high-speed link from Chuggington to Tootington. Mummy it’s just like my bridge!  We also get to meet the newer characters – Zach, Tyne, Fletch, Cormac and Payce that we met in the Chuggington Ready to Build DVD last year.

A highlight for him was helping Tyne with the Tunnel Boring machine!

Chuggington – We are the Chuggineers

I liked the way that the games were an integral part of the story and it also includes video footage from the series itself.  He could read, play and then read again.  It works really well.  Children can use the app in Read to Me, Read to Myself or Autoplay modes depending on their age.  Monkey is still learning to read and I can see this app being well used over the next year.

There are 4 levels within the four games so children can earn rewards in each level as they work through the stages of difficulty.

Chuggington – We are the Chuggineers

Chuggington We are the Chuggineers is available from the app store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch priced at £3.99 and Monkey gives it a big toot! toot! I don’t see Chuggington as being something just for pre-schoolers to enjoy.  Monkey loves it and long may that continue.

disclaimer:  we were given free access to this app in exchange for an honest review


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