The Little Stork and My Given Name

I’m a sucker for a personalised story book and I’ve got a lovely one to share with you today – The Little Stork and My Given Name is written by Kevin Tyler and illustrated throughout by Pushan Chakravarty.  This particular booked is aimed at children between the ages of 3-8 years, so perfect for a 5 year old Monkey.

The Little Stork and My Given Name

The hardback picture book, The Little Stork and My Given Name, is 30 pages long and has a personalised introduction where your child gets to know Bindee the Stork. Bindee is no ordinary bird, he is a stork who gets to deliver babies (this was a new concept for Monkey and took some explaining).

Bindee goes on an adventure to find Monkey’s given name, but he is only small himself and hasn’t learnt how to fly.  We follow Bindee as he decides to walk to see the Wizard on Given Mountain with Baby P’s birth certificate.

The Little Stork and My Given Name

Along the way Bindee meets lots of different animals, including Monkey’s favourite Rhino, who each give him a valuable piece of advice. When he finally arrives at the Castle to exchange Baby P’s birth certificate for the baby, the Wizard asks him what name he has chosen for the baby. What name to choose?

Bindee thinks back to the advice given by the seven animals he met along his journey and uses a letter from each message to come up with Monkey’s real name!

The Little Stork and My Given Name

The very end of the story sees Bindee learning to fly so he can deliver Monkey to us.

Monkey loved the story and all the characters in The Little Stork and My Given Name and I liked the idea behind it – very clever.  The illustrations in this book are just lovely and add a certain ‘glow’ to the story.

The order process is simple, just visit the website and enter the child’s first and surname, sex and pick a facial image that most closely relates to them.  You can then preview your book before ordering.  Postage is free and the book is delivered within 4-6 working days costing from £16.99.

If you’re looking for something a little different then I can certainly recommend these books.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review

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