Chill out time with Wentworth Puzzles

You all know that we’re not big on gaming here.  We don’t own a games console and I haven’t gone out of my way to encourage Monkey to play games on out iPad.  When I’m looking for different ideas to entertain him, I have to be totally honest, technology really doesn’t figure.  I’m sure as he starts Year Two, there will be more influences coming home from school, but for the time being I’m enjoying our more traditional down time activities. Monkey’s been enjoying some chill out time with Wentworth Puzzles, when we’ve had quiet days at home over the holidays.

Chill out time with Wentworth Puzzles

As you all know, I love jigsaw puzzles, it’s something I took from my Mum.  I’ve always found them a great way to de-stress and unwind.  Monkey enjoys them too, and with him, they are great for getting him to calm down and concentrate on one thing for a while.  As well as enjoying jigsaws together, Monkey also seems to be following my love of maps. This makes me doubly happy.  He loves his World Map puzzle and I was so impressed when he picked the I know My Map of the British Isles puzzle himself.

Chill out time with Wentworth Puzzles

Chill out time with Wentworth Puzzles over the summer holidays is great for school aged children.  The wooden puzzles pieces are randomly shaped, so they really do have to concentrate on the job in hand and observation skills are key.

Chill out time with Wentworth Puzzles

With 100 pieces to put together in this particular puzzle, Monkey decided to start with the flags of the various Union countries and the Republic of Ireland.  He recognised the English flag and the Union Jack, but didn’t really know the others.  So our first discussion began.  Which flag belonged to which country, and how the Union Jack was formed. You all know how much I love activities that encourage conversations.

 It soon became very apparent that my help to construct the jigsaw really wasn’t required.  I was there to sit, watch and answer his various questions as he put the puzzle together. Watching him figure it out for himself was lovely to see.  His wonder when he spotted landmarks such as Stonehenge and Tower Bridge was great to see.  We talked about the Cornish Tin mines that we might get to see on our holiday later this month.

Chill out time with Wentworth Puzzles

I’ve tried to have a more balanced summer holidays this year, less manic days travelling here, there and everywhere and a few more down days.  Home days, quiet days, just spending time together.  We’ve both had chill out time, I’ve led by example, the mobile has been kept in the kitchen, the laptop hasn’t been switched on.  We had chill out time with Wentworth Puzzles and just enjoyed simple pleasures.  The unique Whimsy shapes that feature in the range of wooden Wentworth puzzles are always keenly spotted.  You can imagine the squeal of delight when Monkey found a tractor!

Chill out time with Wentworth Puzzles

More conversations about each of the Whimsy’s and where they might belong in the puzzle and why. Seeing his face when he’d completed this 100 piece puzzle, just lovely.

I’m a firm believer that children can be entertained without having to turn to technology. Chill out time doesn’t need to involve a screen, there are so many other options to help children relax.  Jigsaws are a big hit here and will continue to be so.  How about in your house?

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