Revisiting Packwood House in the snow

Revisiting Packwood House in the snow

We’ve had our National Trust membership since my son was very small, and it’s something I often recommend to friends.  These days a visit is about so much more than visiting a stately home, the sites really are far more set up for the whole family to enjoy. We’ve certainly… Continue reading »

Learning to play Carcassonne #BoardGameClub

Learning to play Carcassonne

I do love a bit of history and even my eight year old son loves castles and stories of knights and medieval times.  Over the last few weeks we’ve been learning to play Carcassonne which has suited us down to the ground.  We’d received the game as part of the… Continue reading »

Having fun with volcanoes

Having fun with volcanoes

As you all know my son isn’t the biggest fan of school.  He’d much rather be doing anything other than reading, writing or working on his maths. I’ll do anything (pretty much) to help show him that actually school can be fun, and learning is interesting.  When he was learning… Continue reading »

Eating out at Beefeater Applecart Didcot

Beefeater Applecart Didcot

January has to be my least favourite month of the year.  It’s cold, dark, often wet and just a let down after all the fun and festivities of December.  We’d had a really up and down week here last week.  A terrible start to the week, but my son had… Continue reading »

Concentration – Living Arrows

Concentration - Living Arrows

I’ll hold my hands up and fully acknowledge that arts and crafts time in days gone by have filled me with dread rather than glee.  Although I’m not exactly the tidiest person in the world, I’m not a great one for mess.  I also freely admit that I rather like… Continue reading »

Dancing with Deer – My Sunday Photo 140118

Dancing with Deer - My Sunday Photo 140118

Dancing with Deer – My Sunday Photo 140118 I can remember when we first visited Charlecote Park a few years ago that my son was rather scared of the deer in the deer park.  These days he’s a seasoned explorer and whilst they are still held in awe, he’s far… Continue reading »