Bird Watching with Green Board Games

Bird Watching with Green Board Games

I’m all for showing my son that we don’t always have to get in the car to do something fun and interesting.  We had an action packed half term with my parents being over from Spain, and have needed a bit of quiet time since they’ve gone home.  The weather… Continue reading »

Encouraging reading with Bookabees – review and giveaway

Encouraging reading with Bookabees

You all know how passionate I am about books and the journey I’ve been on with my 7 year old son as he’s learned to read.  It’s not been an easy journey and even now, my son is very much happier when he’s being read to, rather than having to… Continue reading »

Getting personal with Petit Fernand – review and giveaway

Getting personal with Petit Fernand

As Monkey gets ever closer to the end of Year Two I’ll need to start thinking about whether to pay for his school dinners come September or to opt for packed lunches.   I do like the idea of him having a warm meal during the day, especially in the… Continue reading »

Brightening up the bedroom with Home Space Direct – reader discount

Brightening up the bedroom with Home Space Direct

I’ve been wanted to get some new bedding for our bedroom for ages and move away from my rather plain tastes and go for something a little bolder.  As my parents are staying with us at the moment, we’ve given them our room and it seemed the perfect time to… Continue reading »

Ravensburger Despicable Me 3 Shaped Prisoner Minion 3D puzzle

Ravensburger Despicable Me 3 Shaped Prisoner Minion 3D puzzle

I have to be honest, my son was rather late to the party when it came to Minions and the first two Despicable Me films.  His best friend was totally obsessed from the start, but it wasn’t until Christmas that I managed to persuade Monkey to watch the films.  Of… Continue reading »

Bushcrafting with Cotswold Adventures

Bushcrafting with Cotswold Adventures

We get to try some great things through the blog, and I’m always interested in experiences where both Monkey and I can come away having learned something new.  An email pinged into my inbox recently that really grabbed my attention and a date was set in my diary to try… Continue reading »

Welcome to London – review and giveaway

Welcome to London

I’ve been in love with our capital city since childhood.  Dad worked in the heart of the city at one time, and I loved exploring London on trips with my Auntie.  I’m not sure I could ever live there, but I never tire of visiting.  It’s a love I share… Continue reading »

Mummy and Me – May 2017

Mummy and Me - May 2007 Week 21

Mummy and  Me – May 2017, as I continue to try to capture a photo a week, each week, of the two of us together. Week 18 The first week of the year I failed to get a photo of the two of us together!  But considering the lack of photos for… Continue reading »

Celebrating Father’s Day with Hotel Chocolat – review and giveaway

Celebrating Father's Day with Hotel Chocolat

My parents moved to Spain over a decade ago and although it’s not a million miles away, we don’t get to spend much time together.  We miss birthdays, Christmas and Mother’s and Father’s Day.  This year my parents celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary, in fact, in a couple of weeks…. Continue reading »

A gift guide for 7 year old boys

A gift guide for 7 year old boys

I’m often asked for ideas of what to buy a boy of my son’s age, especially ones who aren’t into computer games and screens.  So I’ve put together my own idea of a gift guide for 7 year old boys but actually, I’m pretty sure lots of girls will love these ideas… Continue reading »