Luxury Towelling Dressing Gown from The Towel Shop

Luxury Towelling Dressing Gown from The Towel Shop

As a child, if I was poorly, I liked nothing better than to snuggle up under my Dad’s dressing gown.  It became a tradition if we needed a sofa day, that his dressing gown would keep me company.  These days I still like a dressing gown I can wrap myself… Continue reading »

The Jungle Book and Other Classics – giveaway

The Jungle Book and Other Classics

One of the first films my son ever watched was the Disney classic, The Jungle Book.  Over the last few years we’ve read picture books based on the film, but we’ve not tackled the book that the film was actually based on.  That was until recently, anyway.  Published through Sterling… Continue reading »

The Big Plug – review and giveaway

The Big Plug

I’m always interested in mixing our love of nature with reading and when I heard about the new Peter Grenville children’s book, The Big Plug, I thought we should have a read of it.  Published last month through Matador Books, The Big Plug is a paperback chapter book aimed at… Continue reading »

Encouraging reading with Bookabees – review and giveaway

Encouraging reading with Bookabees

You all know how passionate I am about books and the journey I’ve been on with my 7 year old son as he’s learned to read.  It’s not been an easy journey and even now, my son is very much happier when he’s being read to, rather than having to… Continue reading »

Getting personal with Petit Fernand – review and giveaway

Getting personal with Petit Fernand

As Monkey gets ever closer to the end of Year Two I’ll need to start thinking about whether to pay for his school dinners come September or to opt for packed lunches.   I do like the idea of him having a warm meal during the day, especially in the… Continue reading »

Welcome to London – review and giveaway

Welcome to London

I’ve been in love with our capital city since childhood.  Dad worked in the heart of the city at one time, and I loved exploring London on trips with my Auntie.  I’m not sure I could ever live there, but I never tire of visiting.  It’s a love I share… Continue reading »

Celebrating Father’s Day with Hotel Chocolat – review and giveaway

Celebrating Father's Day with Hotel Chocolat

My parents moved to Spain over a decade ago and although it’s not a million miles away, we don’t get to spend much time together.  We miss birthdays, Christmas and Mother’s and Father’s Day.  This year my parents celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary, in fact, in a couple of weeks…. Continue reading »

Parragon Books Disney Movie Collection – review and giveaway #DisneyBookWeek

Parragon Books Disney Movie Collection

I can still remember the first movie I ever saw at the cinema in Farnham.  It was the Disney classic, Snow White.  I sat spellbound throughout and it’s a memory that’s stayed with me for well over 40 years.  To celebrate this and so many other classics we’ve been looking… Continue reading »

Sing – DVD review and plush giveaway

Sing - DVD review and plush giveaway

Monkey and I have been enjoying watching Sing on DVD over the last few days.  Sing is available on Digital Download, Blu-ray™ and DVD from today, 22nd May 2017, courtesy of Universal Pictures (UK) and would certainly keep the kids entertained over the half term holidays. Featuring a star-studded line up… Continue reading »

The League of Regrettable Superheroes – giveaway

The League of Regrettable Superheroes

I’ve been a bit quiet on the giveaway front lately, so thought I’d change that today with something a little bit different. We’re all familiar with Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman, but have you ever heard of Madam Fatal or Dynamite Thor?  If you’ve got a super hero fan… Continue reading »