World Space Week giveaway with Brainstorm Limited #WSW17

World Space Week giveaway with Brainstorm Limited

I’ve got something new to offer you all this evening with my World Space Week giveaway with Brainstorm Limited.  For the last few years my son has been fascinated by anything space related.  Two things that are as much a hit today as they were when he first received them, are… Continue reading »

iExplore Micro Monsters book – review and giveaway

iExplore Micro Monsters book

I’m all for books that provide something a little different and educate my son at the same time.  The new iExplore Micro Monsters book is one of two new books to the Carlton Books iExplore series.  Using augmented reality using the free app available on iTunes and Google Play, we’ve been… Continue reading »

Getting organised with Songmics – review and giveaway

Getting organised with Songmics

I am desperate to sort my son’s things out, to define spaces and bring some sort of order to the chaos, this is our family home.  We’re short on space here and although my son has a double bedroom, he has to share his space with a large wardrobe full… Continue reading »

Shine: Why Don’t Moon Fairy and Sun Prince Live Together?

Shine: Why Don't Moon Fairy and Sun Prince Live Together?

As a child I can’t remember knowing anyone whose parents were divorced.  But times change and sadly in the 21st century it’s often the case that families don’t always find it possible to stay together.  I know from my own experience from my first marriage, just how traumatic divorce can… Continue reading »

KING PONG – review and giveaway

King Pong

Monkey and I have been playing the new game on the block from Drumond Park called KING PONG.  It’s aimed at children aged 8 years and over and can be played by 2-4 players. The games comes with a KING PONG unit, base with pivoting doors and lid, 4 corner… Continue reading »

Don’t Bug the Insects – review and giveaway

Don't Bug the Insects

We had a wonderful day out at Marwell Zoo recently and got to watch some remarkable Leaf Cutter Ants hard at work.  You all know we love insects here, but it’s normally butterflies and dragonflies that steal the limelight. Watching the ants hard at work reminded both me and my… Continue reading »