Getting creative with the Bunchems! BunchBot

Getting creative with the Bunchems! Bunchbot

You may recall that reviewed one of the Bunchems! sets late last year.  It was a big hit with my son and I knew the idea of making some new wonderful 3D creations would go down well.  Monkey’s been getting creative with the Bunchems! BunchBot and he’s had lots of fun…. Continue reading »

Chalkola Chalk Markers – review and reader discount

Chalkola Chalk Markers

When you are left-handed you soon learn that writing and drawing in certain mediums can be a bit of a pain.  I constantly had fountain pen ink on my hand when I was at school.  If I did anything in chalk, I’d end up accidentally rubbing it out as I… Continue reading »

Monkey takes the #QuickBuildTimeChallenge with Airfix

Monkey takes the #QuickBuildTimeChallenge with Airfix

As I’ve mentioned before I grew up watching my Dad make up his model racing cars.  The kits he built were complex, required gluing, painting and had transfer stickers to attach. They really are beyond Monkey’s abilities at the moment, but not forever.  In the meantime we’ve had some model… Continue reading »

Having fun with Real Construction #realconstruction

Having fun with Real Construction

Monkey loves building things and recently we’ve been having fun with Real Construction and two of their building sets.  The Real Construction Starter Set and Deluxe Workshop Set are aimed at children aged 6 years and over.  They offer a real taste of woodworking crafts without the mess. Monkey’s recently discovered… Continue reading »

#ClangersForKindness – giveaway


As I’m of a certain age, I grew up with the original series of the Clangers, and it was one of my favourite programmes as a child.  I’d actually bought the DVD of the series for Monkey when I was pregnant.  There was no way this child wasn’t going to… Continue reading »

Bunchems! On the Go Easel

Bunchems! On the Go Easel

We’re always eager to try new things here, and when it’s a mess free craft too, we are most definitely at the front of the queue.  I see so many craft sets that are pink and fluffy and so obviously marketed at girls.  But, waving hands, my son likes making… Continue reading »