Fletter word game – a review

Fletter word game

As you all know I am always looking for new ways to get my son reading and working on his vocabulary.  When I was approached by the team behind the Fletter word game recently, I decided that it looked like another fun way of getting my son working with words…. Continue reading »

Keeping cool with FanU #FanUfans – review and giveaway

Keeping cool with FanU

There’s no denying it, I am no longer 25, my brain may keep telling me that I am, but my body knows otherwise.  I turned 50 earlier this month and I’m convinced that I’ve been perimenopausal for some time now.   I had a blood test done a few years ago,… Continue reading »

Treads School Shoes – a review

Treads School Shoes

I have an eight year old son as you all know, whilst he isn’t one for kicking a football around the school play ground, he does like to have the odd adventure or two.  some days I really am left guessing as to what exactly he’s been up to, he… Continue reading »

America Is Not The Heart – a book review

America Is Not The Heart

I’ve been kept busy over the last few weeks reading America Is Not The Heart.  Written by Elaine Castillo, her first novel will be published through Atlantic Books on 3rd May 2018. America Is Not The Heart tells the story of a Filipino family now living in Milpitas, San Francisco Bay… Continue reading »

Vietnamese family dining at Pho in Oxford

Vietnamese family dining at Pho in Oxford

You all know that it’s been a battle of wills at times with regards to my son and his eating habits.  But aged eight, I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel and slowly but surely he’s trying different foods.  Dining out is certainly a lot… Continue reading »

Air Hogs Sonic Rocket – review

Air Hogs Sonic Rocket

When you receive something and the box tells you that the item inside will launch up to 60 metres in the air, I just knew I’d have two very excited men in this household.  We’ve been waiting for the weather to behave itself here so we could try out the Air… Continue reading »