The Stolen Child – a review

The Stolen Child

I was glued to the page when I read Bone By Bone last year, so when the latest novel from Sanjida Kay popped through my letterbox recently, I may just have squealed with delight. The Stolen Child is published through Corvus on 6th April 2017 and honestly, if you like a… Continue reading »

Chillfactor Pull Pops – review

Chillfactor Pull Pops

I’m forever buying Monkey ice pops and yogurt lollies so we figured it was about time we tried making them for ourselves.  We’ve been trying out the Chillfactor Pull Pops to make this all possible. The Chillfactor Pull Pops are aimed at children aged 4 years and over, and comes with 2… Continue reading »

Kids’ Travel Guide – Spain

Kids' Travel Guide - Spain

As regular readers know, my parents live in Spain and I’m always looking for new ideas to entertain and educate my 7-year-old son with a Spanish theme.  When I was contacted by Flying Kids, I just knew we had to try out their Kids’ Travel Guide – Spain, activity book. The 44… Continue reading »

Wearing the Gemstone Collection from Pia Jewellery – review and £50 giveaway

Wearing the Gemstone Collection from Pia Jewellery

It’s no big secret that I love jewellery, or in fact, that blue topaz is my favourite gemstone.  With Mother’s Day and my birthday fast approaching I’ve been spoilt recently.  I’ve been wearing the Gemstone Collection from Pia Jewellery since I received it last week.  It’s absolutely me and I just… Continue reading »

Dig In! from Drumond Park – review and giveaway

Dig In!

We’ve been going on a treasure hunt, to look for cars and trains and doughnuts!   We’ve been having fun with the Dig In! from Drumond Park and as always my son seems to beat me at every turn. Dig In! from Drumond Park is aimed at families with children… Continue reading »

Having fun with Scheich dinosaurs – review

Having fun with Scheich dinosaurs

Like most children of his age, my 7 year son is obsessed with dinosaurs.  It’s always amazed me how quickly he picked up all of the, sometimes incredibly hard to pronounce names, and can reel them off to me verbatim. It’s like he was born with the information already programmed… Continue reading »

Getting used to new flooring downstairs

Getting used to new flooring downstairs

Last week the fitters had been and I was starting to sort out where everything would now go.  We’ve been getting used to new flooring downstairs and it’s such a delight. If you’ve been following my house renovations story, you’ll know that we’ve been in chaos downstairs since October really.  First… Continue reading »

Gifts Hub launch two new personalised children’s books

Gifts Hub launch two new personalised children's books

You all know I’m a sucker for a good book, and my son has grown up surrounded by them.  I’ve read to him pretty much from birth and story time has always been a special time for us both.  Quiet time, to just be together and enjoy a good story…. Continue reading »

Personalised prints from EllieBeanPrints – review and giveaway

Personalised prints from EllieBeanPrints

I’m a strong believer in fate.  When I was 18 I left home (a story for another day) and I needed somewhere to live pronto.  Someone overheard my conversation and put me in touch with her friend who’d been let down on a house share.  The next day I met… Continue reading »

Booms, Bangs, Fizzes #BritishScienceWeek

Booms, Bangs, Fizzes

To celebrate British Science Week which runs from 10th-19th March, Monkey and I have been trying the Booms, Bangs, Fizzes set from John Adams. We’ve not really tried too many science experiments at home, so we were both rather excited to try out this set, which contains details to conduct… Continue reading »