Thomas Troll’s Travels

Monkey and I have been enjoying reading the newly published Thomas Troll’s Travels recently. Written by Nicolas Starling and published through Clink Street Publishing, the paperback book is aimed at children aged 7-10 years of age. Having a 7 year old bridge troll of my own, I knew the idea of… Continue reading »

To Kill the President

To Kill the President

I’ve been a huge fan of Sam Bourne since I first discovered The Righteous Men back on 2006.  Fast forward 11 years and I’ve just finished reading his latest political thriller, To Kill the President. To Kill the President was published through Harper Collins on 4th July and if you’re… Continue reading »

Will It Blow? – book review

Will It Blow?

There’s something that fascinates most of us about volcanoes isn’t there.  I can remember seeing a smoking volcano from a distance a long time ago and just being in awe of it.  We learned about Pompeii at school and the eruptions of Mount Vesuvius and one day I’d love to… Continue reading »

Legends of the Fall

Legends of the Fall

I’m a big Brad Pitt fan, lifetime member kind of fan and one of my favourite film’s of his has to be Legends of the Fall. So when I was offered the chance to read the Legends of the Fall book by Jim Harrison, on which the film was based, I was… Continue reading »

The Big Plug – review and giveaway

The Big Plug

I’m always interested in mixing our love of nature with reading and when I heard about the new Peter Grenville children’s book, The Big Plug, I thought we should have a read of it.  Published last month through Matador Books, The Big Plug is a paperback chapter book aimed at… Continue reading »

Encouraging reading with Bookabees – review and giveaway

Encouraging reading with Bookabees

You all know how passionate I am about books and the journey I’ve been on with my 7 year old son as he’s learned to read.  It’s not been an easy journey and even now, my son is very much happier when he’s being read to, rather than having to… Continue reading »