The Girls of Ennismore – a review

The Girls of Ennismore

I do love stories where you follow characters over a number of years and watch their lives twist and turn.  The Girls of Ennismore is one such book.  Written by Patricia Falvey, and published through Corvus on 6th April, it’s another book I’d recommend to pre-order. We meet two eight… Continue reading »

The Stolen Child – a review

The Stolen Child

I was glued to the page when I read Bone By Bone last year, so when the latest novel from Sanjida Kay popped through my letterbox recently, I may just have squealed with delight. The Stolen Child is published through Corvus on 6th April 2017 and honestly, if you like a… Continue reading »

Kids’ Travel Guide – Spain

Kids' Travel Guide - Spain

As regular readers know, my parents live in Spain and I’m always looking for new ideas to entertain and educate my 7-year-old son with a Spanish theme.  When I was contacted by Flying Kids, I just knew we had to try out their Kids’ Travel Guide – Spain, activity book. The 44… Continue reading »

Gifts Hub launch two new personalised children’s books

Gifts Hub launch two new personalised children's books

You all know I’m a sucker for a good book, and my son has grown up surrounded by them.  I’ve read to him pretty much from birth and story time has always been a special time for us both.  Quiet time, to just be together and enjoy a good story…. Continue reading »

The Wild Garden – review and giveaway

The Wild Garden

As a child I can remember loving rub down transfer books, but I haven’t seen one for a long time.  It’s certainly not something that my 7-year-old has ever seen before.  When Usborne Publishing contacted me about the recently published The Wild Garden, it brought back so many memories from… Continue reading »

The Mad Moon Mission – review and giveaway

The Mad Moon Mission

You all know that Monkey’s reading journey has been a long one.  He loves books, just not the reading of them. He recently moved up another band in his school reading books, and I know that free reading chapter books are on the horizon.  So I’m trying to put more… Continue reading »

All The Missing Girls – a book review

All The Missing Girls

I’m always on the look out for a new thriller and the debut novel from Megan Miranda has kept me up late into the night recently.  All the Missing Girls was published through Corvus Books last month and is well worth a read if you’re looking for something to keep… Continue reading »

The Bee – a book review

The Bee

As long-term readers of the blog know well, we have a bug hunter in the family, Gramps.  My 7-year-old Monkey son seems to be following in his footsteps and has a wonderful love of the natural world.  Mini beasts are a particular favourite so I knew he’d love exploring The… Continue reading »

Walking Wounded – a book review #WalkingWounded

Walking Wounded

I always love a book that draws you in and makes you want to keep turning the pages.  A book with believable characters that you want to invest time in.  I recently finished reading Walking Wounded by Anna Franklin Osbourne, and I absolutely loved it. Walking Wounded is this author’s… Continue reading »

A Parcel of Pigs and other Funny Tails – review and giveaway

A Parcel of Pigs and other Funny Tails

There are times when as an avid bookworm it’s hard having a child whose a reluctant independent reader.  Don’t get me wrong, Monkey loves books, he’ll happily let me read to him for hours, but getting him to read.  Oh boy, that’s a totally different story.  It’s not that he… Continue reading »