Pocketful of Dreams

There’s nothing I like more than a bit of a family drama with a love interest thrown in for good measure. Pocketful of Dreams is written by Jean Fullerton and was published through Corvus Books in August this year.  The book ticks all the boxes for me and adds a… Continue reading »

From Dark to Light – review and giveaway

From Dark to Light

I’m taking part in a blog tour today to introduce you to the new picture book From Dark to Light written by young 12-year-old author, Isabella Murphy.  I’m always keen to introduce my 7 year old son to new authors and with Halloween approaching fast, a book involving a little… Continue reading »

Be Frank With Me – a book review

Be Frank With Me

Sometimes you come across a book that is unlike any other you’ve read, and for me, this is exactly how I found Be Frank With Me by Julia Claiborne Johnson.  Published through Corvus Books back in August, this book has captivated me, it’s really rather charming, gentle and thought-provoking. Be… Continue reading »

iExplore Micro Monsters book – review and giveaway

iExplore Micro Monsters book

I’m all for books that provide something a little different and educate my son at the same time.  The new iExplore Micro Monsters book is one of two new books to the Carlton Books iExplore series.  Using augmented reality using the free app available on iTunes and Google Play, we’ve been… Continue reading »

Shine: Why Don’t Moon Fairy and Sun Prince Live Together?

Shine: Why Don't Moon Fairy and Sun Prince Live Together?

As a child I can’t remember knowing anyone whose parents were divorced.  But times change and sadly in the 21st century it’s often the case that families don’t always find it possible to stay together.  I know from my own experience from my first marriage, just how traumatic divorce can… Continue reading »

Animal Planet Dinosaurs! – a book review

Animal Planet Dinosaurs!

My 7 year old son has been enjoying the chapter book Animal Planet Dinosaurs! recently and I’m sure if you’ve got a young dinosaur fan, they may well do too.  Now, don’t be too surprised, I’m still the one doing the reading here, but this chapter book is aimed at children… Continue reading »