StikBot Pirate Movie Set #StikBot

Stikbot Pirate Movie Set

Do you remember when we looked at the StikBot poseable toys before?  I can’t believe that was well over a year ago now.  Since then my 7 year old son has learned about stop frame animation both at school and with me as part of a blog experience.  With a love… Continue reading »

Sleeping well with Room to Grow

Sleeping well with Room to Grow

I was recently sorting out the airing cupboard and it was with a heavy heart that I realised that my son has outgrown a couple of his duvet sets.  Don’t get me wrong, he is still firmly planted in the world of trains, diggers and tractors, but he’s growing up… Continue reading »

Learning with Amazing! magazine – review and giveaway

Learning with Amazing! magazine

I am always on the look out for new ways to encourage Monkey to read and I’ve been having some success recently.  Not only has he been reading, but he’s also been learning with Amazing! magazine.  Double points to me! The magazine was launched in 2014 and is aimed at children… Continue reading »

Snowball fighting in the summer #snoballsInSummer

Snowball fighting in the summer

I bet you’d never considered snowball fighting in the summer had you?  Well I have to be honest, neither had we until we discovered the SnoBall BattlePack sets from Zimpli Kids. The Snoball BattlePack contains 4x25g bags of SnoBall powder and an instruction leaflet.  Aimed at children aged 3 years and… Continue reading »

Bird Watching with Green Board Games

Bird Watching with Green Board Games

I’m all for showing my son that we don’t always have to get in the car to do something fun and interesting.  We had an action packed half term with my parents being over from Spain, and have needed a bit of quiet time since they’ve gone home.  The weather… Continue reading »

Chillfactor Pull Pops – review

Chillfactor Pull Pops

I’m forever buying Monkey ice pops and yogurt lollies so we figured it was about time we tried making them for ourselves.  We’ve been trying out the Chillfactor Pull Pops to make this all possible. The Chillfactor Pull Pops are aimed at children aged 4 years and over, and comes with 2… Continue reading »