Penguins on Ice

Penguins on Ice

There are times when I really feel sorry for Monkey that he’s an only child.  It makes learning to share that much more tricky, and playing games with adults isn’t always such good fun, especially board games.  Well Penguins on Ice from Smart Games has come to our rescue recently…. Continue reading »

Gifts with a difference from uncommongoods

Gift ideas from uncommon goods

I’m always on the look out for unusual presents and recently I discovered an excellent range of gifts with a difference from uncommongoods.  The US-based company has a strong ethos of sustainability. It offers a wide range of environmentally friendly, handmade, recycled and organic products.  They work with a wide range of artists… Continue reading »

Pass the Word

Pass the Word

As you all know Monkey is a rather reluctant writer.  He gets easily frustrated and struggles with it all.  The situation probably isn’t helped by his letter formation, when he writes, he starts most letters in the wrong place, so he’s always covering more distance on a page than he needs… Continue reading »

Wilko Roadsters Slot Car Racing System

Wilko Roadsters Slot Car Racing System

You know when you look at something and just know it’s going to be a massive hit in your house?  Well I had that feeling as soon as I spotted the Wilko Roadsters Slot Car Racing System on the Wilko website. It’s an absolute bargain too, £15.00 instead of £30, and… Continue reading »

Disney Pictopia – review and giveaway

Disney Pictopia

A game that everyone seems to be talking about at the moments is Esdevium Games Disney Pictopia.  It’s won 6 different awards this year from the likes of Mum’s Choice Awards and Toy Tests TV Award.  So it was time to see what the game was all about! Disney Pictopia… Continue reading »

Junior Monopoly and Trumps Cars & Bikes from Shuffle

Junior Monopoly and Trumps Cars & Bikes from Shuffle

I was recently contacted by the team at Shuffle and asked if Monkey would like to try a couple of their card games.  They have a whole range of games available for children aged 4 years and over.  I’m always on the look out for games that we can take… Continue reading »

Og on the Bog – review and £43 games giveaway

Og on the Bog

There are times when you only need to look at a box and the title of a game to know it will be a hit with kids.  Og on the Bog, a new game from Drumond Park, is one such game.  A monster and a toilet – that was more… Continue reading »

Magic Cauldron Game – review and giveaway

Magic Cauldron Game

Monkey has been having lots of fun this term at school, everything he’s been learning has been under the theme of Magic. It’s really got him interested in arts, craft, reading, writing and maths this term, which has thrilled me. Long may that continue. Wanting to strike whilst the iron was… Continue reading »

FootBubbles with Lionel Messi

Now I’d be lying if I said that Monkey was the sportiest of children. It’s all rather alien to me as I grew up surrounded by my brothers muddy football boots and footie kit.  Monkey kicks a football around a bit but I recently discovered something which I thought might… Continue reading »

Shopping List has been updated – review and giveaway

Shopping List has been updated

If you read my post about Orchard Toys becoming my sponsor for this years BritMums Live, then you will know that our love of the brand stems back to the Shopping List game. When I first bought the game we didn’t play by the rules at all.  Monkey’s speech was… Continue reading »