Mothers Day memories with Truprint #millionmumssmile

Mothers Day memories with Truprint

Next month is Mothers Day and also my Mum’s birthday.  As she lives in Spain, I’m not always able to give her presents in person.  I’ve often created Mothers Day memories with Truprint and this year will be no different. I’m a big fan of photo books as a lovely… Continue reading »

Framed with love from Wilko

Framed with love from Wilko

You all know I’m a big fan of Wilko, they have a great range of homeware items at affordable prices and last Christmas our home was brightened up with a number of their decorations.  With Valentines Day just behind us and Mothers Day ahead I’ve been framed with love from… Continue reading »

Keeping safe with a Carbon Monoxide detector

Yes, I put my hands up, I am one of the many people who keep meaning to buy a Carbon Monoxide detector.  Have you got one?  We all take standard smoke detectors for granted these day, but not so with CO alarms, which is madness as the gas is just… Continue reading »

Oral-B Pro-Expert All-Around Protection

Oral-B Pro-Expert All-Around Protection

I’ve written before about the issues I’ve had with gum disease and I’ve visited the dentist more times in the last 5 and half years than I care to remember. On a positive note I’m up to check-ups every 4 months rather than 3 months.  It’s a step forward but… Continue reading »

A new bracelet for a new year – review and reader discount

A new bracelet for a new year

If you followed me on Instagram last year, then you may remember my ‘Bracelet a Day’ photo posts – all 58 of them!  Yes, I love jewellery and I really love bracelets.  So when Edolym asked me if I’d like to review something from their site you can guess what… Continue reading »

Dentyl Active – alcohol free mouthwash

Dentyl Active

Being prone to gum disease, I had surgery a while back to save some teeth, a good mouth care regime is vital for me.  As part of that I use mouthwash twice a day and have been a fan of Dentyl Active for a while.  I’ve previously used their Ultra Cleanse… Continue reading »