The Wild Garden – review and giveaway

The Wild Garden

As a child I can remember loving rub down transfer books, but I haven’t seen one for a long time.  It’s certainly not something that my 7-year-old has ever seen before.  When Usborne Publishing contacted me about the recently published The Wild Garden, it brought back so many memories from… Continue reading »

The Mad Moon Mission – review and giveaway

The Mad Moon Mission

You all know that Monkey’s reading journey has been a long one.  He loves books, just not the reading of them. He recently moved up another band in his school reading books, and I know that free reading chapter books are on the horizon.  So I’m trying to put more… Continue reading »

A Mother’s Day treat from KAYA – review and £40 giveaway

A Mother's Day treat from KAYA

You all know I love jewellery and you may recall I reviewed a lovely personalised pendant last year.  Well I’ve just received a Mother’s Day treat from KAYA and I love that it’s a little different from the norm. I’m not known for my love of hearts, so Daddy P and… Continue reading »

Mum moments with Hotel Chocolat – review and giveaway #MumMoments

Mum moments with Hotel Chocolat

As a child I remember Mothers Day as being a time to get my Mum some flowers or to make her sometime to keep. I don’t think I ever really grasped how special being a Mum actually is. I’m sure we’re all a little guilty of taking our parents for… Continue reading »

Gazillion Giant Bubble Mill

Gazillion Giant Bubble Mill

No matter how old you are, who can resist blowing bubbles?  It’s an activity I’ve loved sharing with Monkey since he was a baby.  Seeing the look of delight on his face as he blows and a bubble appears and drifts off into the sky. As he’s grown up we’ve… Continue reading »

All The Missing Girls – a book review

All The Missing Girls

I’m always on the look out for a new thriller and the debut novel from Megan Miranda has kept me up late into the night recently.  All the Missing Girls was published through Corvus Books last month and is well worth a read if you’re looking for something to keep… Continue reading »

Cluedo Junior – a review

Cluedo Junior

I’ve loved board games since I was a child and I’ve recently had the opportunity to introduce my Monkey 7-year-old son to a classic, with a modern twist.  We received Cluedo Junior from Hasbro and it’s gone down a storm. This version of the game is designed for children aged… Continue reading »

JCB Kids Coverall #digtheadventure

JCB Kids Coverall

Monkey received something in the post recently which is going to get so much wear in the months ahead.  We just need it to stop raining!  He received the JCB Kids Coverall aged 8-9 years and we decided to give it a bit of an indoor test to start with. My… Continue reading »

The Bee – a book review

The Bee

As long-term readers of the blog know well, we have a bug hunter in the family, Gramps.  My 7-year-old Monkey son seems to be following in his footsteps and has a wonderful love of the natural world.  Mini beasts are a particular favourite so I knew he’d love exploring The… Continue reading »

Cheeky Monkeys

Cheeky Monkeys

I couldn’t make it to Toy Fair this year, and one of the things I missed was getting to see the new range of games launched by Orchard Toys.  We’ve been big fans for years now as you all know, and I was thrilled when a very aptly new game… Continue reading »