A trip to a waterfowl sanctuary

Today Monkey and I picked up my eldest niece and off we went, wellies on foot to the Water Fowl Sanctuary and Children’s Farm to see what we could find. We started off inside being introduced to some of the newest members of the sanctuary …. Then off we went… Continue reading »

Funny things Monkey says round 2 :)

Yesterday I cooked Guinea Fowl for Sunday dinner.  I love it, but it was the first time Monkey had tried it.  I told him what it was and he tucked in – yum yum.  He enjoyed it so much he asked …. Mummy can I have some more Guinea Pig… Continue reading »

Magic moments – where it all began

I’m linking up with Magic Moments at The Oliver’s Madhouse and thought I’d start right at the beginning 🙂 Saturday March 28th 2009 – I won’t forget that date in a hurry for a couple of reasons. I’d been living with my partner for six months and as neither of… Continue reading »

Green fingers are in the genes

Daddy P comes from a long line of Greengrocers and Florists so we decided that as Monkey is now 3 years old we should show him that vegetables don’t start life in Daddy’s cold rooms! I also grew up with parents who had a little bit of the ‘Good Life’… Continue reading »

A day out in the ….. SUNSHINE :)

Hasn’t the weather been lovely today?  Sunshine all the way, just makes you feel so much better about everything. We’d made plans to meet friends for the day while both Daddy’s were hard at work, so I was expecting rain, clouds and freezing wind – what a surprise to have… Continue reading »

The joys of being ‘older’ than the average Mum

Today I just feel old! My knees are really sore, my back hurts and I’m tired 🙁 Grumpy Mummy is embarking on my last week of being in the 35-44 category on surveys.  FACT.  This is not making me happy.  Where have the last five years gone? I was fine… Continue reading »

Funny things Monkey says :)

Yesterday Monkey had his pre-school jabs in the afternoon.  In the morning I explained to him what was going to happen and that the jabs would stop him getting nasty things.  He replied … like Hiccups Mummy? Bless him, I replied ‘maybe’.  He was very brave at the surgery, no… Continue reading »

Facing my fears – water

Facing my fears

When Monkey was born I was determined that he would not be afraid of water …… I have been afraid of water for as long as I can remember, not in all forms I must add.  I can actually drink a glass of water and have a bath, but I… Continue reading »

We won a trip to Legoland – a nice Easter present

I was so thrilled when we won a trip to Legoland Windsor to see a screening of the all new LEGO® Hero Factory Brain Attack – thanks to a competition hosted by ChelseaMamma.  I’d been to Legoland years ago with my Mum not long after it opened, so was looking forward… Continue reading »

On the Farm – a review for Orchard Toys

On the Farm

We were very excited to open our latest box from Orchard Toys for the Izziwizzi Kids #Playfest reviews. It’s fair to say that Monkey was rather excited to open the box and find On the Farm – giant jigsaw playmat, a newly launched puzzle/playmat for ages 3 years+, Monkey is… Continue reading »