Getting crafty with My Gecko Box – review and giveaway

Getting crafty with My Gecko Box

Monkey has struggled a little since he started in Year Two.  For the last month he’s come home and been a little like a bear with a sore head.  It’s been hard to get him motivated to try the fun activities we’ve done in the past.  But he seems to… Continue reading »

A woodland walk and crafting session #weloveforests

A woodland walk and crafting session

Monkey and I were in need of some fresh air last Saturday.  We decided on a woodland walk and crafting session and headed off to the woods.  Monkey’s been asking me to make him a dream catcher for ages, so I suggested we incorporate a few of his favourite things into our… Continue reading »

Lego Dream Home #OceanDreamHome

Lego Dream Home

This is Monkey’s entry in the Ocean Dream Home competition.  The competition runs from today until midnight on 24th August, what would your child’s dream home look like if it was made from Lego? I have a construction mad son on my hands, and we’re at that transition stage –… Continue reading »

Fathers Day crafts from Baker Ross

Fathers Day crafts from Baker Ross

June is a going to be a bit of a frantic month here.  We’re away at the beginning of the month and then I’ll be getting organised for BritMums, I’ll actually be away for most of Fathers Day so Monkey is taking his Daddy out for the day – special… Continue reading »

Koalapak – arts and craft delivery packs


I’m always looking for ideas to entertain and amuse Monkey at the weekends if we’re not off having an adventure and we were recently sent a great set of activities from Koalapak. Koalapak offer a range of arts and craft packs which are delivered to your door every month.  You… Continue reading »

Sand Art fun with Kids Bee Happy

Sand Art fun with Kids Bee Happy

Earlier this month I visited Spring Fair in Birmingham and I’d been tweeting with a few companies beforehand.  I was intrigued by one invitation especially as there was talk of mess free crafting!  Yes, I hold my hands up, I do like crafting with Monkey, but I’m not a great… Continue reading »