Disney Pictopia – review and giveaway

Disney Pictopia

A game that everyone seems to be talking about at the moments is Esdevium Games Disney Pictopia.  It’s won 6 different awards this year from the likes of Mum’s Choice Awards and Toy Tests TV Award.  So it was time to see what the game was all about! Disney Pictopia… Continue reading »

Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad – review and giveaway

Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad

Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad is a phrase I’ve had to say to Monkey on a few occasions when we’ve been at home for the day this summer holiday.  I thought it would be good fun to change the phrase from a nagging comment to a game of stealth. Let me… Continue reading »

LOGO Billionaire – review and giveaway

LOGO Billionaire

Every month I have the girls over for a curry night, a chance for us to catch up without the kids.  A while ago I added something new to a curry night – some board game action.  It would appear that our friend A is rather hot when it comes… Continue reading »

The Magic Tooth Fairy Game – review and giveaway

The Magic Tooth Fairy Game

Monkey is 5 and half now and some of his peers have already started losing their baby teeth.  Although his look firmly entrenched at the moment he already understands the concept of the tooth fairy.  I thought it might be fun to try out The Magic Tooth Fairy Game from… Continue reading »

Bugs in the Kitchen – a review for Ravensburger

Bugs in the Kitchen

We’re big bug fans here as you all know, and when I was asked to check out a new game from Ravensburger recently, the title certainly grabbed my attention.  Let me introduce you to Bugs in the Kitchen, which will also be supplied throughout Europe as La Cucaracha. Bugs in… Continue reading »

Frog Party – a review for Orchard Toys

Frog Party

Do you fancy coming to a party? A Frog Party? What Mummy? We recently received the new addition game from Orchard Toys called a Frog Party and it was time to put Monkeys maths skills to the test! Frog Party is a board game aimed at children aged 4 years+… Continue reading »

LOGO What Am I? – review and games bundle giveaway worth £69

Logo What Am I?

It was time for the girls to come over for a curry night again recently and I had a challenge for them, we would be playing LOGO What Am I? from Drumond Park. The girls are always up for a challenge and LOGO What Am I? looked perfect for a bit… Continue reading »

Articulate and Articulate for Kids – a double giveaway worth £52.98!

Articulate and Articulate for Kids

Time to kick off September in style with a double giveaway thanks to the lovely team at Drumond Park.  I can offer one lucky reader Articulate and Articulate for Kids! Articulate for Kids has been updated ahead of this Christmas, and is aimed at children aged 6-12 years and can… Continue reading »

Catch Phrase – review and giveaway

Catch Phrase

Monday night was curry night here with the girls, and after we’d eaten it was time for some serious competition.  The table was cleared and we put Catch Phrase from Drumond Park to the test. Following its triumphant return – in the capable hands of Stephen Mulhern and longstanding mascot,… Continue reading »