Conquering fears on Open Farm Sunday

Conquering fears on Open Farm Sunday

It’s not big secret that my 7 year old son takes life at his own pace.  He’s often risk averse and no matter how much encouragement he’s given, he isn’t great at trying new things. It’s often left me feeling a little sad for him, especially when he’s missed out… Continue reading »

The Alphabet Photography Project B is for Birthday #alphabetphoto

The Alphabet Photography Project B is for Birthday

Week 2 of PODcast‘s linky The Alphabet Photography Project and what to pick for B?  I instantly thought Butterfly, and then realised I’m going to need to track what I did last year.  Yep, that was last year’s B.  Ok, back to the drawing board, Brewster maybe?  Then I realised I didn’t… Continue reading »

A wonderful day out at the Tractor Ted Farm Show

To say that Monkey has been looking forward to today ever since I told him we had tickets for the Tractor Ted Farm Show, would be an understatement.  It is all he has talked about for the last week – so expectations were rather high when we left home this… Continue reading »

Tractor Ted Farm show – Sunday 9th June 2013

We are really excited to be working with Tractor Ted at the moment.  Monkey absolutely loves Tractor Ted, who teaches children about farms; the machinery, animals, produce and seasons.  Children learn in a fun, but very factual way and he has become a big hit here, with my tractor and… Continue reading »