A day of fun at Countryfile Live

A day of fun at Countryfile Live

On Sunday we got to have a day of fun at Countryfile Live, which was being held at Blenheim Palace.  It was the last day of the four-day event and we were all looking forward to exploring.  You may recall that I attended the recent press day, where I got to go… Continue reading »

The Alphabet Photography Project P is for Piglets #alphabetphoto

The Alphabet Photography Project P is for Piglets

Week 16 of PODcast‘s linky The Alphabet Photography Project and this week we are up to P.  Last year I picked P is for Parents, but what to pick for this year?  With all the internet connection issues I’ve been having lately, Patience might have been a good one, if… Continue reading »

Cotswold Farm Park with friends #CountryKids

Cotswold Farm Park with friends

Blogging has bought me many things over the last year and half, one of those being my friendship with Iona at Redpeffer.  We’ve met up a couple of times now with the kids and when she said they’d be camping down near Chipping Norton over the holiday, I formed a… Continue reading »

What’s the Story? 29rd July 2013

My What’s the Story? picture for this week is of Monkey and Daddy P. The photo was taken in April this year on a day when we left home in sunshine and arrived at Cotswold Farm Park in the pouring rain 🙁 You can see that Monkey doesn’t look so… Continue reading »

Hi Ho, Hi Ho It’s off to the Farm we go

Friends have been recommending we try Cotswold Farm Park for ages, we ran out of weekend’s last year, so we finally decided to go last weekend while Daddy P was off for a few days.  He’s also a big fan of BBC Countryfile and was rather interested to learn that… Continue reading »