Mr Kipling still makes exceeding good cakes – Strawberry Fancies

Something arrived in the post today which took me straight back to my childhood and visits to my Granny.  We’ve all heard of Mr (& now Mrs!) Kipling and his wonderful cakes right? I for one, grew up with his fruit pies, cherry bakewells and other wonders. But the one… Continue reading »

Hovis Breakfast Bakes – too good not to try

I have to say a big thank you to Missing Sleep for making me aware of Hovis Breakfast Bakes – they looked absolutely scrummy and I was thrilled when we were sent some of our own to try. As you can see there are three different options – Milk &… Continue reading »

Flitter, Flutter, Butterflies

What an awful day it was yesterday weatherwise!  Rain, rain and more rain 🙁 Luckily Monkey and I had already decided on an indoor trip out with a special family friend.  I’d ordered some Days Out Vouchers with my Tesco Reward points, we picked our friend up en route and… Continue reading »

Book Review – Grandpa’s Garden

As you will know from a recent post on a BritMums meet up and another post I have fallen in love with Barefoot Books.  They saw my post discussing their books and very kindly offered to let me review another book for them. One super happy Mummy!! I had their… Continue reading »

What’s in a name?

How did you decide on the names for your little ones? I was given my Auntie’s middle name as my first name, and my  paternal Granny’s middle name as my middle name.  I’ve spent 45 years wishing that they were the other way round! We didn’t know whether we were… Continue reading »

Time to reflect

Today one of my closest friends has lost her father. It was a huge shock, although he was in his late Seventies, it was totally unexpected. My friend and her family are devastated – naturally. It has left me reflecting on my own family. There is no certainty as to… Continue reading »