The Jungle Book and Other Classics – giveaway

The Jungle Book and Other Classics

One of the first films my son ever watched was the Disney classic, The Jungle Book.  Over the last few years we’ve read picture books based on the film, but we’ve not tackled the book that the film was actually based on.  That was until recently, anyway.  Published through Sterling… Continue reading »

Welcome to London – review and giveaway

Welcome to London

I’ve been in love with our capital city since childhood.  Dad worked in the heart of the city at one time, and I loved exploring London on trips with my Auntie.  I’m not sure I could ever live there, but I never tire of visiting.  It’s a love I share… Continue reading »

Travel Activity Book – review and giveaway

Travel Activity Book

So we are finally on our Easter break, seems like most of the world started last week, so I apologise if it rains from now on.  Monkey and I are going to be doing a fair bit of travelling around over the next couple of weeks.  I wanted something that… Continue reading »

Song of the Deep – Merryn’s Journey – review and giveaway

Song of the Deep - Merryn's Journey

There’s nothing I like more than story time with Monkey.  He loves me reading to him and with the holidays upon us, we’ve had more time to curl up on the sofa and read a pile of books together.  He loves adventure books and we’ve discovered a little gem recently… Continue reading »

Caterpillar to Butterfly – review and giveaway

Caterpillar to Butterfly

It’s always a joy for me to see Monkey with my Dad, seeing that love of nature being passed from one generation to another.  We’ve watched the life-cycle of both moths and butterflies here, so I knew Monkey would be interested in the Caterpillar to Butterfly book we recently received. This… Continue reading »

Please Be Nice to Sharks – review and giveaway

Please Be Nice to Sharks

Whenever we visit an Aquarium the Sharks are always a big draw for Monkey.  For me, they conjure up images of the film Jaws, from my childhood.  Perhaps it was time for both of us to learn a little more about these creatures and Sterling Books came to our aid…. Continue reading »

How Hot is Lava? giveaway

How Hot is Lava?

Any Volcano fans out there?  Do you remember that we reviewed How Hot is Lava? a few weeks ago? It’s a great source of information, full of facts, figures and photographs of volcanoes and their causes. Written by Kelly Smith and distributed in the UK by GMC Distribution, this is a… Continue reading »

I am NOT a Dinosaur!

I am NOT a Dinosaur!

I’m sticking with a prehistoric theme today.  This morning saw me talking about Dinotrux toys and this afternoon I’m sharing a prehistoric delight in the form of a great, factual book. I am NOT a Dinosaur! is another great find from Sterling Books, which is written by Will Lack and illustrated… Continue reading »

How Hot Is Lava?

How Hot is Lava?

I’ve only been lucky enough to see an active volcano once in my life.  There was something quite amazing about looking at it from a distance and seeing a constant line of steam rising from its surface.  All these years later and they still fascinate me, and Monkey shares the… Continue reading »

Creep and Flutter

Creep and Flutter

We’ve been fans of the Jim Arnosky books ever since we discovered the last year.  I just added our fourth book to the collection, Creep and Flutter is really the perfect book for our family of bug hunters. Published through Sterling Books and distributed in the UK by GMC Distribution,… Continue reading »