Going on a solo play date

Going on a solo play date

I won’t lie, I’m feeling a little queasy right now, but in a good way.  This afternoon something rather wonderful (hopefully) is going to happen.  Something that shows another step forward with Monkey’s confidence, a big step, for both of us.  Monkey is going on a solo play date, for the… Continue reading »

Confidence in Company

Confidence in Company

Every day seems to bring a new change in Monkey at the moment.  The last few months have really seen Monkey find his feet in all sorts of areas.  It’s been a joy to watch, and I’ve felt immensely proud of my little boy as he’s faced challenges and adapted… Continue reading »

Monkey’s growing confidence

Monkey's growing confidence

My son is never-ceasing to amaze me at the moment.  I’ve seen so many changes in him over the last few weeks, it’s been truly wonderful to witness Monkey’s growing confidence. I helped at out school for the first time a couple of weeks ago, I made bread with two groups… Continue reading »

I’m not ready for the tooth fairy

I'm not ready for the tooth fairy

There are so many milestones in a child’s life, a first smile, crawling, walking, talking, writing that first word.  All are priceless, something to be remembered and cherished, and as each milestone is met a new part of the journey begins.  I’ve always been quite thorough at recording every little… Continue reading »

A big step for a little boy

A big step for a little boy

So we’ve started our first full week in Year One, and last week was a bit of a rollercoaster for us all.  To be honest, I’ve felt all the stress of helping Monkey settle in to a new routine, has been firmly left with me.  I know it’s pretty much… Continue reading »

The Alphabet Photography Project U is for Upsizing #alphabetphoto

The Alphabet Photography Project U is for Upsizing

Week 21 of PODcast‘s linky The Alphabet Photography Project. What to pick for U???? I’m really hoping that I’m not tempting fate with this post! My The Alphabet Photography Project U is for Upsizing.  Today, finally after a disaster in customer service and lack of communication Monkey should be upsizing his bed!  Today… Continue reading »

My little Angel

My little Angel

I know it’s January, but I have so many wonderful memories from December, I wanted to share one of them with you for my Magic Moments post this week.  The week my Monkey was my little Angel in his School Nativity play was full of anxiety, for me, not Monkey!… Continue reading »

Flying through the air

I’m linking this post up with Magic Moments and Small Steps Amazing Achievements as my Monkey son has shown another step forward with his bravery levels this week.  Friday saw another leap as I saw Monkey flying through the air. Monkey loves swings, as do I.  I grew up with… Continue reading »

Pre-school – a new beginning

Today we had a taster morning at Monkey’s new School Nursery. He’s been going to a lovely pre-school since last September and we had the tricky decision to make – do we keep him there for another year or move him to the Nursery within the school he will go… Continue reading »


I was walking back from pre-school one day last week with Monkey.  The sun was actually out, we were holding hands and having a lovely little conversation about our shadows. I suddenly realised just how tall my little man has got, the days of bending to hold his hand are… Continue reading »