Celebrating Easter with JCB and Britains JCB 3c Mark III

Celebrating Easter with JCB and Britains JCB 3c Mark III

I’ve written a few times over the years about my son and his love of JCB.  From his My First JCB Freddie Fastrac book to toys, puzzles, and spending endless hours watching the real machines at work building our local supermarket and cinema complex, his love is boundless.  I wrote… Continue reading »

Britains JCB Midi Excavator 86C-1#digtheadventure

Britains JCB Midi Excavator 86C-1

Monkey is never happier than when his working on an imaginary building site.  He loves using anything and everything as rubble.  Nothing is safe.  We recently received the Britains JCB Midi Excavator 86C-1 from HTI and Monkey could not have been happier.  It’s one vehicle he doesn’t own, and a great… Continue reading »

My 1st JCB Sticker and Activity Books

My 1st JCB Sticker and Activity Books

Monkey has grown up with My 1st JCB as I’ve mentioned in a previous post. The series provides pre-schoolers with a great introduction to the various JCB vehicles, and even now we all call the JCB Fastrac Tractor, Freddie Fastrac.  We recently received a selection of the My 1st JCB Sticker and… Continue reading »

Having fun with JCB Kids #digtheadventure

Having fun with JCB Kids

There are some brands that really having meaning to us as a family.  There’s a connection. One of the first books that Monkey was ever given as a present was a My 1st JCB book about Freddie Fastrac the Tractor.  He was a baby at the time, and I wasn’t… Continue reading »

Diggerland Kent #CountryKids

Diggerland Kent

Monkey has been obsessed by JCB’s of all sorts for almost as long as I can remember.  He’s forever digging, dumping and constructing – both in the living room and the garden!  I discovered Diggerland a couple of years ago. But as the two nearest sites were still a 2 hour drive… Continue reading »

Alphabet Photography Project D is for Diggers #alphabetphoto

Alphabet Photography Project D is for Diggers

Week 4 of PODcast‘s new linky The Alphabet Photography Project! What to come up with for D? Dainty, daisy, dashing, dinosaurs, Daddy?  There really could one be one D – our Alphabet Photography Project D is for Diggers. From the earlier age Monkey has been fascinated with Diggers and JCB Diggers in… Continue reading »

Digger Driving

Digger Driving

I was struggling to think of something for this weeks #SSAmazingAchievements and then this happened this afternoon – digger driving! We bought Monkey this JCB Digger with a trailer for Christmas 2012.  He loved it from the moment he saw it, we knew he would.  We also really hoped it… Continue reading »

Digger Fun with My 1st JCB

Digger Fun with My 1st JCB

Today we’re having Digger Fun with My 1st JCB! The My 1st JCB range is a firm favourite in this house for a few reasons.  Before Monkey arrived on the scene, I worked for a company supplying plastic components to industry.  I worked on the Export side of the business,… Continue reading »

Monkey’s imagination

Monkey just makes me laugh – his speech has come on in leaps and bounds these last six months, and his imagination never ceases to amaze me.  He also seems to be absorbing so much information and then adding that newly gained knowledge into his play – fascinating to watch…. Continue reading »

Stressfree mealtime thanks to a Telescopic Front Loader!

Now that’s something I never thought I’d say! It’s rather ironic that in my pre-Monkey life I worked for a company that supplied JCB with plastic components for their production lines.  Little did I know then, that one day I would be able to reel off the different makes and… Continue reading »