Learning with Amazing! magazine – review and giveaway

Learning with Amazing! magazine

I am always on the look out for new ways to encourage Monkey to read and I’ve been having some success recently.  Not only has he been reading, but he’s also been learning with Amazing! magazine.  Double points to me! The magazine was launched in 2014 and is aimed at children… Continue reading »

Mathematics Flash Cards

Mathematics Flash Cards

Maths has never been my strongest point.  I flourished at most subjects at school, but this was definitely my Achilles heel.  I can remember my poor Dad, sitting with me, trying to help me ‘get it’.  He had the patience of a saint, but I was clearly never going to… Continue reading »

BritMums Live 2014

BritMums Live 2014

In June 2013 I watched the awards ceremony for BritMums Live on my laptop.  I hadn’t felt that I knew enough about blogging to attend the event myself.  What did I know?  I’d feel like an intruder, I wouldn’t understand anything, I’d feel stupid, daft, like an imposter (delete as… Continue reading »

Jump Up and Join In – book reviews #JUJI

Jump Up and Join In

You may remember some months ago that Monkey and I went to London to meet David and Carrie Grant, when they launched the first of the Jump Up and Join In books and app. Last month saw the release of the fifth and six books in the Jump Up and… Continue reading »

Thomas & Friends Amazing ABC – a book review

Thomas & Friends Amazing ABC

I think it’s fairly clear that Monkey is a big fan of Thomas & Friends, especially as he’s birthday treat was a Days Out with Thomas event!  Monkey has just turned 4 and really needs help with learning his letters, he gets easily distracted and isn’t that bothered about learning… Continue reading »

Brio Monorail Airport set – a review for The Toadstool

Brio Monorail Railway set

    As you know we’ve recently returned from visiting my parents in Spain.  We travelled from Birmingham Airport and Monkey was fascinated by their Monorail.  It was something he’d never seen before, so imagine his delight when The Toadstool sent us the new Brio Monorail Airport Set to review!  He… Continue reading »