Getting to the deep end – swimming week 3

Backstroke swimming week 4

So Friday night was swimming night, I swear the days are just zooming past at the moment. Who would be getting to the deep end this week? Third lesson, third instructor.  Not so great for continuity, we all felt it on Friday night.  Our official instructor is pregnant, and was… Continue reading »

Blowing bubbles

blowing bubbles

We’ve been away and last week was all about trying to catch up with life, washing and so on.  The result was another week with very few personal posts, something I’m never happy about.  This week for What’s The Story? and Magic Moments I’m sharing a story of blowing bubbles…. Continue reading »

Adult Swimming Lessons

adult swimming lessons

As regular readers of the blog will know, i have a bit of an issue with water.  It’s not as bad as it used to be, in the days where I couldn’t even use a fixed shower head.  But it still needs improvement.  I’ve been really keen for Monkey not… Continue reading »



This week’s theme for The Theme Game, hosted by Redpeffer and The Reading Residence is Water. Water and I are not the best of friends! I write two posts lasts Spring about my relationship with water.  In the first, I talked about facing my fear of water so that Monkey… Continue reading »

Facing my fears – water

Facing my fears

When Monkey was born I was determined that he would not be afraid of water …… I have been afraid of water for as long as I can remember, not in all forms I must add.  I can actually drink a glass of water and have a bath, but I… Continue reading »