Cake – The Theme Game


One of my favourite things to eat is Cake, so where oh where to start with this week’s topic for The Theme Game!  I’m always baking with Monkey so I could have written about that, or my attempts to eat Coffee and Walnut cake at every National Trust property I’ve… Continue reading »

Glass – The Theme Game


Anyone who visits my house will know how much I love glass.  I have a rather large display cabinet in my living room filled with memories, treasures, presents.  A LOT of them are glass.  It’s a passion I share with my Uncle, although his pieces are rather valuable, mine are… Continue reading »

White – The Theme Game

White - The Theme Game

This so nearly ended up as a totally irrelevant post all about food.  Then with some tweeting it moved to white food, eggs and rice pudding.  You needed to be there!  Any way this week is White – The Theme Game. I could have added a quick link to my… Continue reading »

Play – The Theme Game

Happy Birthday Papa

So this week’s topic for The Theme Game is Play.  Gosh, there are so many things I could write about, relating to play!  Where to begin, what to focus on? Monkey and I play all the time.  Then I had a different idea, I was inspired by a recent post… Continue reading »

A new day

A new day

This weeks The Theme Game topic is new, and as I’ve recently talked about my new handbag,  I thought I’d write about something else today. I’m not particularly good at getting up in the morning, I always snooze the alarm for 10 minutes.  Then gingerly stick my foot out of… Continue reading »



This week’s theme for The Theme Game, hosted by Redpeffer and The Reading Residence is Water. Water and I are not the best of friends! I write two posts lasts Spring about my relationship with water.  In the first, I talked about facing my fear of water so that Monkey… Continue reading »