Will It Blow? – book review

Will It Blow?

There’s something that fascinates most of us about volcanoes isn’t there.  I can remember seeing a smoking volcano from a distance a long time ago and just being in awe of it.  We learned about Pompeii at school and the eruptions of Mount Vesuvius and one day I’d love to… Continue reading »

How Hot is Lava? giveaway

How Hot is Lava?

Any Volcano fans out there?  Do you remember that we reviewed How Hot is Lava? a few weeks ago? It’s a great source of information, full of facts, figures and photographs of volcanoes and their causes. Written by Kelly Smith and distributed in the UK by GMC Distribution, this is a… Continue reading »

How Hot Is Lava?

How Hot is Lava?

I’ve only been lucky enough to see an active volcano once in my life.  There was something quite amazing about looking at it from a distance and seeing a constant line of steam rising from its surface.  All these years later and they still fascinate me, and Monkey shares the… Continue reading »