The B&W Photography Project Week 36 #bwphotoproject

The B&W Photography Project Week 36

The B&W Photography Project Week 36 with PODCast and this week I’m sharing a moment in time, 3 children who have become firm friends over the last year. I love the expressions on all three children’s faces, there is so much going on in this shot.  Are they talking about Stowe Gardens… Continue reading »

Sitting in a Fire Engine #whatsthestory

Sitting in a Fire Engine

On Monday’s I’m normally running around doing the shopping before heading off to my sewing class for 2½ hours.  Then it’s a mad dash to get back home, drop off my machine and then straight out again to pick Monkey up from school.  Today’s lesson has been cancelled so I’ve… Continue reading »

The B&W Photography Project Week 34 #bwphotoproject

The B&W Photography Project Week 34

The B&W Photography Project Week 34 with PODCast  and I’m going back in time, to a trip in Dubai that I took a number of years ago and to a building that fascinated me for a number of reasons. This is the Emirates Training College in Dubai.  As some of you… Continue reading »

Cheers #whatsthestory


Last week we received a postcard of the Eiffel Tower from my International Book Swap partner (more on that to come later in the week) and it started a conversation with Monkey about the tower itself and Paris.  We found France on his globe and on the world map he’d received… Continue reading »

A first trip to London #whatsthestory

A first trip to London

Back in April 2012 we took Monkey of a first trip to London.  I hadn’t been keen before on trying to steer a toddler around London in a buggy.  But we had a special reason to visit London at that time and we were arriving en-masse! We were taking monkey on… Continue reading »

A first sentence

A first sentence

Some of you may have read my post from last week about our first family portrait as seen through Monkey’s eyes.  It’s one of those pictures that will definitely make it to Monkey’s Memory Box.  We had a note from school the week before last telling us that the children… Continue reading »

A glimpse of Copenhagen #whatsthestory

A glimpse of Copenhagen

Before Monkey was born I worked in Export, from admin to shipping, business development and sales.  Over 20 years, I’d covered it all from companies selling fire alarms, emergency lighting, soaps and general high-end toiletries through to plastic components for all sorts of industries.  I loved the variation the job… Continue reading »

Prickles the Hedgehog

Prickles the Hedgehog

As I told you recently, I got a little bit lost at some point last year and personal posts were getting harder to fit in on the blog with other things I’d committed to.  I’d loved writing posts for PODCast and the What’s The Story? linky but my computer with… Continue reading »

Guru Gramps on display

Guru Gramps on Display

If you caught my #CountryKids post over the weekend you will know that we visited the Oxford University Museum of Natural History over the last half term.  We spent the morning on a wonderful dinosaur adventure, went out for lunch and returned in the afternoon to explore the displays on… Continue reading »

Rhino Hunting!

Rhino Hunting

I have been missing in action from What’s the Story?  for ages, hopefully I’m back on top of things now (well nearly!), so here I am.  Today I’m talking about Rhino Hunting! In June 2010 I took Monkey to Whipsnade Zoo for the first time.  We met one of my… Continue reading »