Crafty Friday with Monkey

Monkey does a 5 hour session at pre-school on Friday’s and always comes home exhausted.  Being as stubborn as a mule (who knows where he gets that from??) he refuses to nap in his bed or on the sofa, and will normally run around the living room like a lunatic, chasing the cat etc until he is totally unbearable. Tim for crafty Friday with Monkey.

So what could we do to get him to sit still?  As I’ve mentioned in a previous post we love reading, so that helps to keep him still.

Today I decided on a different tack – Craft afternoon, for two reasons.  Firstly he came home from pre-school with his ‘art’ – a piece of paper with 2 pots stuck on it, and secondly I wanted him to try his new ELC left-handed scissors out.  So we decided to turn his pre-school artwork into a Monster head, I drew a circle around the pots and the rest was up to Monkey….

Craft Friday 080313As you can see, he was under the strict scrutiny of Brewster the entire time.  Monkey had a lovely, quiet time and was totally absorbed in his monster making afternoon.

I also have to say, the ELC left-handed scissors were a hit, Monkey had a bit of an unconventional way of holding them (maybe that’s from pre-school) but he got the job done, and safely!  I’m also left-handed and had a nightmare as a child – no leftie scissors, no leftie nibs for fountain pens, no leftie tin openers etc, etc, etc, so I’m really keen that Monkey doesn’t have the same problem.  The world has moved on, thankfully, and us leftie’s are actually considered these days – thank god 🙂

His monster head is now part of our ‘Kitchen cupboard door’ Art Gallery, and we all survived the afternoon unscathed.

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