Missing Mum on Mother’s Day

I’m looking forward to my third Mother’s Day as a Mum to Monkey.  I’ve already had a little cake and daffodil – http://wp.me/p2P6aF-4m and yesterday he came home from pre-school with a handmade card 🙂

Mothers Day Card 2013

I’m sure I’ll love whatever Monkey and his Daddy have in store for me tomorrow, but I wish I could spend the day with my Mum too.

She lives in Spain with my Dad, and has done for over 8 years now.  They’re happy there, they live in a lovely little village and have been made so welcome by all their Spanish neighbours (they are the only English people there).  We Skype every week, so that Monkey knows who they are and can chat away to them – so much better than a phone call.  Money is very tight since I stopped work to have Monkey, so it makes it hard to visit them regularly, and we have no extra sleeping space here to put them up. I haven’t spent Mother’s Day with Mum in 9 years, and I miss giving her, her bouquet of flowers and a big hug.  It’s always worse that it’s her birthday just before Mother’s Day, so it’s a bit of a double whammy.  She’s visiting Toledo for the weekend with my Dad and a friend, she’s having a wonderful time, and I’ll ring her tomorrow, but just not quite the same.

But then I feel guilty for Daddy P; his Mum died before we met, so he doesn’t even get to call his Mum on Mother’s Day.   So I should just count my blessings shouldn’t I……..

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7 thoughts on “Missing Mum on Mother’s Day

  1. I think it’s difficult without the person you want to spend the special day with regardless of whether they are still with us or not. Hope you have a lovely day with Monkey

  2. We should all count our blessings, but that doesn’t mean we have to spend every minute with a huge grin saying how lucky we are, likewise each person is an individual and you know from having children that comparing one person with another isn’t necessarily relevant or important. Anyone is allowed to feel a loss, and you’re certainly allowed to miss your Mum.
    Have a lovely day tomorrow with Monkey xx

  3. Isn’t it funny no matter how old we get we always miss our moms! I miss mine too and wish I could be with her hugs! Michelle

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