Just the loveliest Mother’s Day :)

Hard to believe that this is actually my 4th Mothers Day with Monkey (couldn’t add up earlier!) – oops!  He’s growing up too fast.

So, my day started with a lovely lie in (very rare these days) followed by a cup of tea and toast in bed, and my son delivering a bunch of daffodils and his card.  Daddy P is not the most ‘hands on’ of Dad’s so it was a double surprise to find that he and Monkey had already had their breakfast by the time I get out of bed (a first ever!!).

After story time with Monkey I was taken out to Aston Pottery in Aston, Oxfordshire for a light lunch (we’d already got plans for dinner).  The food was lovely, great service, even though they were extremely busy and Monkey enjoyed his children’s lunch box too.  Next to the Country Cafe there is a lovely showroom full of the different pottery ranges they make along with lots of other things to tempt you.  Monkey and Daddy decided to treat me to a piece of pottery, and after much deliberation I decided on this jug from their Garden Cats range……. (had to get a cat in there somewhere!)

Just the loveliest Mother's Day

There were lots of lovely items and a great range of Children’s pottery pieces.  I have a feeling a certain someone might be getting something from their Blue Tractor range at some point.  If you happen to be in the area at any point it is definately worth a visit.

We then had got some fresh air (or should I say we froze to death!) before heading back home.  Monkey had a little snooze in the car on the way home, and once indoors he promptly fell asleep in my arms.  This hasn’t happened for sooooo long, and was just the most wonderful part of the day.  A precious moment that money can’t buy – I loved it 🙂

Just the loveliest Mother's Day

Daddy P lost his Mum 9 years ago, sadly I never got to meet her.  Both of his parents are buried in our local churchyard so we decided to go for a visit before heading off for dinner. Monkey knows where their grave is, as we visit regularly, and talk about them a lot. Unfortunately, he never got to meet either of his paternal grandparents, as his Grandpa died 5 months before he was born – Monkey is named after him.

From the churchyard we walked into town and to Pizza Express for dinner.  This may not seem very exotic, but Daddy P asked me where I wanted to go, and for me, as long as Monkey is happy, then so am I, and it means I can actually enjoy my meal. We all had a lovely time and I am still stuffed now.

Just the loveliest Mother's Day

Monkey has had Daddy bathtime, story time and is now fast asleep, I’m about to enjoy an evening of Call the Midwife and Mr Selfridge on TV – nice end to a lovely day 🙂

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