Brewster is nearly 10 months old

Brewster is nearly 10 months old now, and still totally mad.Ā  Today he has a new take on shopping …. - who mentioned shopping? – who mentioned shopping?

and is now sitting next to my laptop enjoying my latest blog post – good taste! šŸ™‚ - fascinating reading Mum – fascinating reading Mum

Got to love him x

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5 thoughts on “Brewster is nearly 10 months old

    1. He is cute, but also VERY naughty! I’m still getting used to having a young cat again. My last two boys were 17 and 19 when I lost them, I don’t remember them ever being so naughty – but perhaps a) I was working so didn’t see it! and b) they attacked each other, rather than me and c) I didn’t have a 3 year old to wind them up!!!! But I do love him. He’s now fast asleep next to the laptop šŸ™‚

  1. Oh how I love cats! When we first got our two, ThinCat would sit on top of our (CRT) monitor and peer behind it, as if he wanted to see how it worked. I also used to play quite a bit of Civilisation (pre-children, I hasten to add) and he would come and sit on my desk and give me advice on my next move.

  2. Cats can be so funny. It is simply a joy watching them move around and play. I have 4 and although they are now grown up (2 are almost 5 years old, 1 almost 4 and the last one just turned 3 in March) they still love playing with each other. Hiding, jumping, climbing on the trees, running after each other.. Yours seems to be very mischievious too! I really love the funny expressions that cats often have. And the funniest thing is that even after they do something wrong they always put up that innocent look.. šŸ™‚ How can we be angry with them for long? Although I pretend I frankly can’t!

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