Big! – a book review

We were lucky enough to win a copy of Big by Tim Hopgood thanks to a Tidy Books competition, and we’ve enjoyed it so much I thought I’d share my thoughts. Big! Big!

Big! is a lovely story of a little boy anxious to grow up as soon as possible. He has a friend called Ben (as does Monkey – so he thought it was great!) and at the start of the story Ben is so much taller than the little boy, we follow him as he compares himself to all sorts of things – some that he is taller than and some that he is much smaller than.

DSC07458I won’t spoil the story by telling you the ending, but it’s very apt and is just how Monkey compares himself right now at 3 and half years of age.

The book uses different fonts throughout the 30 pages to emphasis the little boy’s thoughts and the illustrations are bright and humourous.


Monkey loves this book, and I really like the story as a whole.  We’d recommend it for any little person eager to grow up 🙂

Disclaimer:  We won this book, but our comments remain our own, honest opinions

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