Hovis Breakfast Bakes – too good not to try

I have to say a big thank you to Missing Sleep for making me aware of Hovis Breakfast Bakes – they looked absolutely scrummy and I was thrilled when we were sent some of our own to try.

www.over40andamumtoone.wordpress.com Hovis Bakes
www.over40andamumtoone.wordpress.com Hovis Bakes

As you can see there are three different options – Milk & Oats, Oats & Honey and Malted Crunch.

Hovis says …. a great tasting wholegrain biscuit that’s a quick, easy and tasty way to get goodness inside you in the morning. ….Combining healthy whole grains, wheat germ and no artificial flavourings or preservatives …..

Sounded good to me! I have to say, having tried all three varieties I’m still not 100% sold on the breakfast idea, but as a tasty, healthy snack – yes – all 3 members of this household went for that idea.

Funnily enough we all have our own favourite!

Monkey definately prefers the Milk & Oats variety which remind me of the ‘Moo Cow’ biscuits I had as a child.

I am now addicted to the Oats & Honey bakes which taste exactly as they are described – yum, yum.

Daddy P is a fan of the Malted Crunch which are reminiscent of the Hovis biscuits.

All in all , we’ve all found a version we like.Ā  All three flavours come in neat little packages of 5 x 4 Bakes per pack, so they are ideal for lunch boxes and I’ve put them in our rucksack on our trips out and about for a handy little snack on the go.

Our family give them a resounding thumbs up šŸ™‚

The Hovis Breakfast Bakes are available from Morrisons with a RRP of Ā£2.19 per pack.

disclaimer: we went sent these Bakes for the purpose of review, but our comments remain our own, honest opinions

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