Like a Monkey in Sand! thanks to our new sand pit

Like a Monkey in Sand! thanks to our new sand pit.  As I mentioned in my last post, we were lucky enough to visit a Plum Products event last Friday and they gave us a wonderful Store-it wooden sandpit as a thank you for attending.

Like a Monkey in Sand! thanks to our new sand pit

They had no idea how fortuitous this was.  My son was given a sand/water table when he was one and we had had used purely as a sand table.  It had been fine for the last couple of years, but when we got it out at the beginning of the month, it was obvious that it was just too small for my son now and we#d need to look at a different option for this summer.

So totally unbeknown to Plum Products (I swear this is true) they had come to my little boy’s rescue.  He was so excited, he talked about his new sandpit all the way home.  Once home, he hounded Daddy P, until he agreed to dig up a couple of old shrubs to make way for his new prized possession.

Luckily, we did actually get some good weather last weekend!  Daddy P dug the shrubs up (I’d been trying to get that task done for months!), levelled the ground off and then constructed the sandpit.

It was a quick and easy task (no swearing from my non-DIY husband).  We laid the ground sheet which was supplied, and placed the sandpit on top.  A quick trip to our local DIY specialist, who just happened to have play sand on special offer (we purchased 8 bags of play sand), and away we went.  The sandpit comes with a great storage facility for sand toys under the coloured slats which doubles as a seat.

Plum Products Store-It Sandpit

My son spent the rest of that weekend in the sandpit – only coming out for meals.

Plum Products Store-It Sandpit

Today we have been to Blenheim Palace and used their sandpit, only for him to return home and get straight into his.  He absolutely loves it.  It’s approx 1 metre square, so perfect for a small garden.  It comes complete with a weatherproof cover – it’s been well-tested on that score these last few days!!  My son’s old sand table is now a full-time water table. All told I have one very happy son, and I would thoroughly recommend this sandpit.

disclosure: we were supplied with this sandpit as a thank you for attending a recent event.

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  1. We love our Plum sandpit, it’s the perfect size for two kiddos, my only tip is get a couple of bungee straps to hold the cover on in windy weather, we had to rescue ours from next door’s garden!!

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