Mr Kipling still makes exceeding good cakes – Strawberry Fancies

Something arrived in the post today which took me straight back to my childhood and visits to my Granny.  We’ve all heard of Mr (& now Mrs!) Kipling and his wonderful cakes right? I for one, grew up with his fruit pies, cherry bakewells and other wonders.

But the one special Kipling cake selection for me, was the French Fancies which were introduced in 1967 (yes, before even I was born!).  I adored them, and as a treat my Granny always made sure she had a plentiful supply whenever I visited.  So you can imagine my delight today when these arrived 🙂 Mr Kipling Strawberry Fancies Mr Kipling Strawberry Fancies

How exciting, a whole box of 8 of my absolute favourite, out of the French Fancies – the Strawberry Fancies!  Heaven was and is! In case you haven’t come across these before, they are sponge cubes with a lovely vanilla topping, covered with yummy soft strawberry flavoured icing.  I should also point out that Mr Kipling cakes contain no artificial colours or flavours and are baked using only free range eggs.  Shall I share??? Shall I share???

Now my dilemma ….. do I hide the box and keep them all for myself?  Or do I share my childhood memories with my own child? and the husband??  Well of course, I’m nothing if not fair, so I showed them both what had arrived and we agreed we’d all have a little treat after lunch. Mr Kipling still makes exceedingly good cakes Mr Kipling still makes exceedingly good cakes

So the family verdict – from my point of view they do taste slightly different from the ones I remember as a child, but still lovely, Mr P agreed.  As for Monkey – ‘that was yummy Mummy!’, need I say more?

Thank you Mr Kipling for helping me relive some wonderful memories of time with my beloved Granny, and for giving me the opportunity to share that with my little Monkey.

Mr Kipling Strawberry Fancies are available now in all major supermarkets until the end of August – so grab some while you can!  The RRP is £1.00 per box.

disclaimer:  we went sent this product for the purpose of review, our comments however, remain our own, honest thoughts

8 thoughts on “Mr Kipling still makes exceeding good cakes – Strawberry Fancies

  1. you are making me hungry!!! mr kipling is always a nice treat, looks so pretty as well as tasting good. i really fancy one now but no cake in the house – poor me :p

  2. You are so right, Mr Kipling brings back so many memories for me too, Saturday nights in with the family watching Noel’s House Party whilst treating ourselves with a cake. How fabulous are these, a whole box of ‘pink ones’! Are they smaller than they used to be? x

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