Olly the Little White Van – Catch Me if You Can DVD review

OllyMy 3 and half-year old son loves Olly the Little White Van and his adventures, so we were really excited to receive a copy of the Catch Me if You Can DVD last week.

www.over40andamumtoone.wordpress.com Olly the Little White Van DVD
www.over40andamumtoone.wordpress.com Olly the Little White Van DVD

Olly is a cheerful little white van who loves helping his friends, he doesn’t always get things right but will always have a go – a great message for young children.  I personally think you’re on to a winner if Justin Fletcher is involved.  Monkey loves Justin, and he does the voiceover for the Olly programmes.

We first discovered Olly on Cartoonito and from Sunday 26th of June 2013 at 6.25am you’ll be able to see him and his friends on CITV.

This DVD  is released through Abbey Home Media and includes 13 episodes with a total running time of just over 1 hour, from the Olly the Little White Van series and provides an excellent introduction for pre-schoolers of Olly and his world.

Through the brightly animated episodes you get to meet Olly’s driver – Stan, and his many friends including Jethro the Tractor (yes this is Monkey’s favourite!), who’s a bit of a plodder, but means well, Royston the Fire Engine (a close 2nd) who has a great laugh and is the hero of the group, Ivan the Italian Ice Cream van and Olly’s naughty best friend Bazza the big van.  they are a loveable bunch, and Monkey took to them instantly.

We’ve watched the episodes from this DVD over the last week and Monkey has been thoroughly entertained by Olly’s adventures and I’ve often found him giggling along to the storylines.

I should also mention that the signature tune to this series is highly infectious and I’m often found humming it whilst doing the washing up!

This DVD comes with a great colouring-in sheet ……

www.over40andamumtoon.wordpress.com Olly the Little White Van colouring-in sheet
www.over40andamumtoon.wordpress.com Olly the Little White Van colouring-in sheet

…. and is it appears to be raining again today, I’m sure Monkey is going to enjoy some art time thing afternoon after pre-school.

I’d definately recommend this DVD for any pre-schooler offering great entertainment value.

disclaimer:  we were sent this DVD for the purpose of review, however our comment remain our own, honest thoughts

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  1. we have this dvd too and my kids love it, justin is always great i support anything he does! i like the songs on olly they r quite catchy!

  2. Ooo it’s Mr Tumble as a van! We love Justin in our house although we are starting to outgrow him just a little bit. Sadly!

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