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We all love pork pies in this house, so I was delighted to be asked to take part in Pork Farms new campaign Your Pie Your Way. It’s also National Picnic Week this week, so I was keen to get involved.


Over the next three months, Pork Farms is giving everyone that purchases one of their delicious pork pies the chance to win £100 every day, and the chance to win a £2,500 jackpot, by sharing details of their pork pie eating habits in 30 words or less at www.yourpieyourway.co.ukPork Farms pork pies are very versatile.  Whether paired with peas, smothered with tangy pickle, shared with friends, or gobbled on the run, there are many ways to enjoy one of the nation’s favourite snacks.


So how do you like to eat your pork pies?  Daddy P is a traditionalist and he loves his pork pie with a big helping of pickle and some cheese, I like mine cut up with lots of fresh, cruchy salad and some homemade coleslaw, and as for Monkey ….. for some reason he calls pork pies – mince pies (don’t ask me why) but he like’s his cut up with red pesto on his plate to dip the pie in.  I think we’d all agree that our favourite place to eat our pork pies would be on a picnic, in the sunshine!  The last pork pie picnic we had was at Didcot Railway Centre, surrounded by wonderful steam trains.  A great place, for a tasty treat.

Are you one of the nearly one in ten people who would order pork pie if it was on a restaurant menu? Or perhaps you’re one of the 57% of Brits who would happily serve pork pies at a dinner party, whilst only a third would serve scallops and just 17 per cent caviar.

Pork Farms have very kindly offered you, my readers the chance to win a fabulous foodie hamper filled with picnic goodies and delicious accompaniments to eat with pork pies (including mustard, chutney, balsamic glaze, chilli sauce and more!) (please note content may vary slightly from photograph shown below)


Terms and conditions:

If you would like to win this prize, leave a comment against this post with your Your Pie Your Way’ pork pie serving idea and once you’ve done that enter the competition rafflecopter link here (please note that all entries will be checked against comments for validation).

Only the first step is mandatory, as mentioned above, all other steps are optional.  Only one entry per person is allowed (however, you can tweet daily and do a bonus click entry daily as well to increase your chances.

This giveaway is for UK residents only.

Once the Raflecopter picks a winner, I will check if the winner has done what was requested and I will contact the winner, if they do not reply within one week, the prize will be allocated to another person.

The giveaway will close on 11th July 2013 at midnight.

 If that’s not enough you can also download a £1 off coupon from the Pork Farms Facebook page too.

Good luck to you all, enjoy your Pork Pies 🙂



287 thoughts on “Pork Farms Your Pie Your Way campaign – A Pork Farms Giveaway

  1. I would serve them with chilli jam in a jar, slices of crispy apples, homemade pickled gherkins with dill, spring onions and radishes. 🙂

  2. Although I usually have a pork pie with salad, I still love having one like I did growing up. A bowl of tomato soup and doorstep of bread with a slice of pork pie. Reminds me of home!!

  3. I like to eat my pork pies with gherkins and the pickled cabbage I make from my own grown red cabbages. The only other things that are needed are a glass of cider and a jar of English Mustard!

  4. Pork pies are best eaten standing by the fridge whilst wondering what to cook for tea before realising you are no longer hungry. It’s also important to not tell anyone you have them hidden at the back of the fridge 🙂

  5. I like my pork pies as they are, but cold and preferably at a nice picnic on a sunny day with my family and friends

  6. I serve it with marmite – sounds wrong but tastes surprisingly good! (unless you hate marmite of course…)

  7. Pork pie, home grown lettuce, salad onions and tomatoes all nice and fresh, dollop of ploughmans chutney and crusty bread yummy

  8. I like to eat my pork pie with beetroot. The flavours together are devine and really compliment eachother.

  9. For me it has to be slightly warm with a big dollop of brown sauce,to dip my pie in, Heaven on a plate.

  10. We ALWAYS eat our pork pie with Brown Sauce… nice with a ham sandwich, cheese and salad… but on its own with brown sauce is just as amazing. My Dad, Grandad and uncle own/work in a butchers & bakers so Pork pie is a staple food! Lol

  11. I have been a vegetarian for a long time but I have eaten pork pies. occasionally have one and I have it with an avocado, some pepper and salad cream.

  12. I love pork pie cold,sliced up and eaten all alone,with nothing else.Why ruin a good thing!!!x

  13. We take ours to the park with fresh crusty bread and a crunchy apple to follow ,then the ducks have a bit of the leftover bread from my little grandson.

  14. With a large chunk of creamy, crumbly Lancashire cheese, cherry toms, pickles and crusty bread.

  15. My kids are big pork pie fans and they always dunk them in Salad cream! (rafflecopter / facebook name is Rebecca Beesley)

  16. I just love pork pies. I cut them into wedges with a nice portion of salad cream for dunking. Deelish!

  17. Hubbie, a keen runner, has his Pork Farms best as a ‘prize’ after a 13 mile course around the Gower. I don’t know if it’s the scenery or the thought of the crispy pastry that gets him around!

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  19. Perfect Pork Pie has to be at my Grandmas on Bonfire night – Whole of the family together.
    Pork pie , mushy peas and mint sauce – Yum

  20. Me and DD love pork pie by itself with salad. DD adds tomato ketchup too (Tomato Ketchup with everything)

  21. I had to take ‘just’ out of your tweet for it to go through – twitter complained that it was too long!

  22. I enjoy mine on the way back from the supermarket in the car before anyone else can get their hands on it!

  23. I’ll have mine with lots of branston pickle, a big wedge of stilton, a mountain of salad and a cold cider or white wine. Then a long walk to try and burn some calories off again!

  24. I cut mine in to quarters and pop on a skewer , heat over the BBQ grill for a few minutes it crisps them up and adds a slight smokey flavor , then add a dash of beer basted BBQ sauce. serve with salad and pickles 😀

  25. i have my pork pie as part of a ploughmans lunch with lots of lovely pickles and home made chutneys

  26. Just straight from the fridge and cut into quarters. No need to add anything , they’re delicious on their own

  27. Porkpie cut into 4 , served with my mums homemade chilli Jam ( nigella Lawsons recipe) x just bliss

  28. I like to cut it up and add beetroot, pickled onion, some cheese on the side and a nice helping of brown sauce! I don’t eat it all together, I just like options! 😀

  29. With a big chunk of crumbly, creamy Lancashire cheese, cherry toms, pickles and crusty bread.

  30. I like to eat mine like an apple! Posh way is cut into 1/4’s or 1/8’s and serve with mustard pickle!

  31. Served with fresh rocket leaves, cucumber, spring onions and tomatoes with a spoon of brown pickle – yummy

  32. Has to be completely unaccompanied… unless it’s for breakfast on Christmas morning, in which case a glass of Bucks fizz is also essential… 😀

  33. I like mine sometimes with salad, sometimes with baked beans, sometimes on its own. Can’t decide on my favourite!

  34. I love a ploughmans lunch – cheese, crusty bread & a selection of pickles. But, there is one item that takes the ploughmans to another level & that is a very satisfying pork pie!

  35. With a good chunk of extra mature cheddar and a dollop of caramelised onion chutney

  36. I serve with my own home-made apple and tomato chutney (home-grown apples, onions and tomatoes of course!).

  37. As part of a ploughmans……. cheeses, crusty bread, apple and smothered in wholegrain mustard…. x

  38. I like mine cut into quarters and served with Beef Tomatoes in Balsamic vinegar, or a nice Tomato Chutney!

  39. A serving of my husband’s homemade courgette/tomato/onion chutney (all made with ingredients from out allotment :-))

  40. A crisp green salad, an ice cold beer on a picnic looking out to sea with my dog by my side and maybe a friend or two provided they have their own pie!

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