Anyone for a curry tonight?

I don’t know about you but I love a good Indian curry, luckily Monkey seems to like them too.  Once a month some of my girl friends come over for the evening and we order an Indian delivery service – it’s my monthly treat, although I do cook my own curries too.

Always looking to try something new, I was rather pleased when these arrived on my doorstep recently! Sharwood's new Indian sauces Sharwood’s new Indian sauces

Sharwood’s launched 3 new Indian cooking sauces in April:

Vindaloo – a traditional fiery dish, blends tomatoes and onions with chillies for a spicy sauce that is not for the faint of heart.

Dopiaza – a dark, savoury curry characterised by spicy onions in a rich tomato base

Butter Chicken – a mild, creamy curry mixed with the perfect blend of spices

I thought we’d try Butter Chicken tonight, something I’ve never eaten before as I normally go for a medium strength curry. Butter Chicken sauce Butter Chicken sauce

I cut up some chicken, red and yellow peppers and mushrooms (I know, not very Indian, but I’m addicted to them) and cooked through in a pan on the hob for a few minutes with a drop of olive oil.

I then added the Butter Chicken sauce and simmered until the chicken was cooked through. Then served with steamed rice (we all love brown rice so I used that) and poppadums. Butter Chicken Butter Chicken

What did we think?  The sauce was lovely and creamy with a hint of cardamom.  I was concerned that it would be too mild for me, but actually I was pleasantly surprised.  It was very easy to use so great if you want a quick fix meal after a busy day.  Daddy P likes mild curries so it got a thumbs up from him.  What did Monkey think ?? Monkey eats Butter Chicken Monkey eats Butter Chicken

He loved it – so we’ll definately be eating Sharwood’s Butter Chicken again.

I look forward to trying out the Dopiaza sauce soon as that sounds just my sort of thing.  I am passing the Vindaloo to a friend to try out, who is far braver than me – I know my limits!

The three sauces mentioned are available in all major supermarkets and have an RRP of £1.69 (2013 price).

disclaimer:  we were sent the sauces for the purpose of review, our comments though, remain our own honest thoughts.

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4 thoughts on “Anyone for a curry tonight?

  1. Ooh the dopiaza one sounds nice. We use their balti one a lot with paneer and veg (we are vegetarian). Always mushrooms here too – although I have to pick them out for Xavier as he doesn’t like them.

    1. I know, I’m definately trying that one soon. LOL – same here, Monkey picked all the mushrooms out and gave them to Daddy, but I’ll keep putting them in, just need to cut them smaller and smaller!!

  2. I love your variation of the butter chicken! I cook this dish from scratch but wouldn’t mind a little help with a quick sauce once in a while! #PoCoLo

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