Mister Maker: That Gives Me an Idea! Watch & Make Vol 5 DVD Review

We first discovered Mister Maker on Cbeebies about a year ago, and although Monkey was only 2 and a half at the time he was totally mesmerised by the programme and I was instructed to record it religiously!

For those of you who have been visiting Mars recently, Mister Maker is a brilliant series aimed at younger children between the ages of 3-5, which teaches them all about arts and crafts in a really fun way.  It’s ideal for parents like me, who have no artistic imagination and the projects Mister Maker shows you are easy and cheap to make. It’s perfect for Monkey now aged 3 and a half years.

So imagine our delight when Abbey Home Media asked if Monkey would like to watch the Mister Maker – That Gives Me an Idea! Watch & Make Vol.5 DVD

Mister Maker, Mister Maker: That Gives me an Idea! DVD
Mister Maker: That Gives me an Idea!

The DVD is crammed full of arts and craft ideas to keep the youngster amused and includes 5 different episodes with a total running time of around 95 minutes and includes 20 projects – plenty to inspire.

I thought Monkey would watch one episode and then move on to something else – WRONG.  I was told exactly what he thought when I suggested watching another episode another day.  He sat and watched the whole DVD from start to finish.

What I like about Mister Maker is that there are a number of ‘minute makes’ – quick and easy projects as well as his more involved projects like the Splattered Space Picture.  There is something for everyone.

We now have a number of Mister Maker projects planned for the summer holidays! starting with the Splattered Space Picture mentioned above and splatter stencils – can you see a theme emerging there.  Monkey has placed his order, now we just have to sit down and create some wonderful pieces of art.

Not only are there great arts and craft ideas on this DVD, but we also get to meet The Shapes – 4 colourful shapes who dance around and have fun.  Monkey loves these shapes and they really helped him learn the difference between a circle, square, rectangle and triangle and colours whilst having fun.

So get collecting all your empty cartons, oddments of fabric and old rubber gloves – you might just find a use for them with this DVD!

The DVD was released last month and should be available from all major retailers.


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