Nanny Fox – a book review for Orion Star

I was intrigued to find out more about Nanny Fox written by Georgie Adams with illustrations by Selina Young, when we received a copy from Orion Books – the front cover reads ….

The fox who loved chickens – not to eat – just as friends Nanny Fox Nanny Fox

Sounds interesting!  Even a 3 and half-year old Monkey knows that foxes normally eat chickens.

The 32 page hardback book tells the story of Arnold, a rather rare beast – a fox who actually likes chickens and wants to befriend them, rather than have them for dinner.  It’s an endearing tale about friendship, standing up for what you believe in and daring to be different – all important lessons for any young child.

Monkey giggled a lot as I read this story, we chuckled as I read about Arnold’s family and how each of them liked to eat chicken for their dinner, whilst Arnold stuck to peanut butter sandwiches.

Arnold applies for the position of Nanny to six of Mrs Buff Orpington’s chicks.  We watch as Arnold wins the trust of the chicks and has some fun adventures with them.  He then has to be a hero and rescue their Mummy from his own family. Saving Mrs Buff Orpington Saving Mrs Buff Orpington

There are a number of points within the book where the text is in a larger font, as shown above, this really helps stress actions and feelings and added to the drama of the story telling.

The story ends well for all concerned.  The illustrations work well with the story and Monkey liked the book a lot.

The hardback is available for £9.99 and we give it a big thumbs up, it’s a bit different with some great messages.

disclaimer:  we were sent this book for the purposes of review, our comments however, remain our own, honest thoughts.



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