Farmyard Dominoes – a review for Orchard Toys

We love all things Farms as you can tell from the amount of Farms we visit!

We were really thrilled to be asked by Orchard Toys to review one of their games recently, and when they suggested we look at Farmyard Dominoes, I knew we’d be on to a winner. Farmyard Dominoes Farmyard Dominoes

The game is aimed at children aged from 3-6 years, so perfect for Monkey, aged 3 and half years and something to keep him entertained over the next few years.

I love Orchard Toys games and puzzles – they are so well produced.  The graphics are always colourful and the game/puzzle pieces are always sturdy.  You know you are getting something that will withstand the abuse use of little hands and will therefore last!

Farmyard Dominoes is no exception – there are 28 brightly coloured farmyard animal dominoes …… Farmyard Dominoes play pieces Farmyard Dominoes play pieces

The dominoes are larger than normal so great for little hands. dominoes dominoes

Getting Monkey to concentrate on a game is always a challenge! but he quickly grasped the idea of the dominoes game, we played with 3 of us each having 7 dominoes (play is for 2-4 players).  Monkey placed his first domino down on the floor and we took it in turns to match each domino up and play the game.  The winner is the first player to have used all of their dominoes, so this game should take no longer than 10 minutes, so not too long for younger children.

Monkey quite often get confused with green and red, so I liked the idea of different colour bases on the dominoes so he can spend some time thinking about colours as well as animals.  It’s a traditional game but timeless in its appeal and with the added features of animals it will keep younger children entertained, whilst building on their observation skills.  A big thing in this house is SHARING!  or the lack of it, something I’m really conscious of, especially with an only child.  So any game that encourages turn taking and the possibility of missing a go, is a winner to help Monkey learn a few life skills too!

As with all games and toys Monkey has, the dominoes get used in a variety of other guises.  Currently they are part of his farm!  We’ve also played this game with the added extra ‘make the animal noise’ – he refused to let me film this though – probably best for all concerned!

My only slight query would be on the price, currently £9.50 (2013 price), I wonder whether it would sit better in a slightly cheaper price bracket with games like Farm Snap and Scaredy Cat.  However, it is a great game, made to last and gives lots of fun whilst your child is learning and can be enjoyed by all the family.

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disclaimer:  we were sent this game for the purpose of review, our comments however remain our own honest thoughts.



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  1. Looks good! Would work well for my Mr T too I think being a slightly simpler one its good for this age! Looks nice and bright as always with Orchard Toys. Need to have a look and get some new games for mine i think so this could be on the list 😀

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