RSPB – ‪#‎homesfornature‬ weekend challenge – our Beetle Bucket #bugs

Following on from my recent post about the RSPB weekend challenge to build a home for mini beasts, we found some time today to build our home.  We decided to make a Beetle Bucket.

First you need a bucket, any size will do, and drill some holes in it.  We got Daddy P to do this for us yesterday while we were out having fun. Beetle Bucket Beetle Bucket

We collected some thick branches up from a nearby pathway and put them inside our bucket. A bucketful of branches A bucketful of branches

Ideally we needed to put some bark chipping in our bucket, but we didn’t have any, so we used some peat-free compost instead and filled our bucket up – this was Monkey’s favourite part! Monkey and the Beetle Bucket Monkey and the Beetle Bucket

We then put our ‘Home to Let’ sign up …. Home to Let Home to Let

….. and placed our Beetle Bucket at the side of the patio – hopefully we’ll have some new tenants soon. a home for beetles and bugs a home for beetles and bugs

Has this inspired you to give nature a home in your garden?  I do hope so.

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25 thoughts on “RSPB – ‪#‎homesfornature‬ weekend challenge – our Beetle Bucket #bugs

  1. What a great idea! My 2 would love this but they’d dig around in it every day and play with the sticks – perhaps when Mister B is another year or 2 older. Can’t wait to see what you find in yours!

  2. Not made a beetle home before. Our bug houses tend to be stuffed with twigs, etc but not soil. I can see that beetles might like this. Now all I need to do is find a bucket which no-one else is laying claim to……

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