Cable & Cotton – a string of lights

I’m always looking for something to brighten up our home and was intrigued when we were asked to try a string of lights from Cable & Cotton. Have you heard of them? String of lights String of lights

The ‘Cable’ aspect of our product is a transparent string of either 20 bulbs (length of lamps 140cm) or 35 bulbs (length of lamps 240cm), with both sizes complete with an additional 150cm length of cable between the plug and first lamp.

There is also an added 50 bulb option for our Pick Your Own string lights, which has a lamp length of 340cm and the usual 150cm length between the plug and first lamp.

I’ve wanted to add something different to my bedroom for a while.  On the Cable & Cotton website there are a number of suggested ball colour combinations or you can pick your own colour scheme – there are plenty of colours to choose from.

I’d decided to go for a 20 light string and picked Sandstone, Oatmeal, Prussian Blue and Pale Blue balls to go with my bedroom decor.  The great thing with Cable & Cotton lights is that you assemble them yourself, so you pick the order of the colours.  I liked that flexibility.

My order arrived promptly and looked very inviting. Cable & Cotton string of lights My colour selection

As you can see the balls are handcrafted, thread is woven around a balloon using a special gum and then the balloon is removed once the thread has set.  This makes ever ball individual. Cable & Cotton string of lights woven craft

I looked through the instructions, all seemed easy enough and started to construct my light string. constructing a string of lights, Cable & Cotton constructing a string of lights

I did find this construction a bit tricky with the very first ball (typical for me!) the hole for the bulb was a bit small and I hadn’t quite mastered the nack of pressing the bulbs into the balls.  I used nail scissors to widen the hole slightly and voila!  you can see that I managed to get the bulb inserted and that the ball retained its original shape.  I was on a roll and the string of lights was completed in a few minutes.

Then to decide exactly where to hang them – decisions, decisions ……

Option 1 – above my bed …. Cable & Cotton string of lights Lights option 1

or ….. option 2 = the movie star effect of having them around my mirror ….. Cable & Cotton string of lights Lights option 2

What do you think?  At least they are easily moveable so I can move around easily as the mood takes me!

For more information on the complete range of lights available visit the website at Cable & Cotton.

disclaimer:  we were sent these lights for the purpose of review, our comments, however, remain our own honest thoughts


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